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Mobile editing app LumaFusion: New version 3.2 - and now also for Android

Mobile editing app LumaFusion: New version 3.2 - and now also for Android

[13:09 Fri,11.November 2022   by ]    

LumaTouch has released the new version 3.2 of its video editing app LumaFusion and also released a version for Android (and ChromeOS) for the first time - until now, LumaFusion only ran on iOS devices like iPhones and iPads.


LumaFusion as an early beta for Android

The Android version has one catch though, it&s early beta, so it&s not a fully developed version yet. Nevertheless, it will cost money - not the steep 36 euros of the iOS version, but only about 20 euros for the debut, but the price will later be increased to that of the iOS version. However, they are currently working with a version that probably still has some bugs and does not have the full functionality of the iOS version. At least the beta version will be upgraded to the final version at no extra charge as soon as it is released.


Performance improvements

According to LumaTouch, the development team rebuilt LumaFusion for Android and ChromeOS from the ground up, paying close attention to performance to ensure a similar user experience across all devices running LumaFusion. To this end, the team has developed a special engine for playback and export of the multi-track video and audio compositions, which allows synchronization between different video and audio sources, as well as an OpenGLES renderer that assembles multiple video sources, still images and rendered titles into output frames.

Because development involved working closely with Android and ChromeOS developers to achieve the best possible performance and two-way sharing, other developers should benefit in the future from the platform improvements made to optimize the resource-intensive task of multitrack editing in Android.


LumaFusion also for Chromebooks

LumaTouch decided to support Chromebooks as well because they have large touch displays, are easy to set up and always ready to use, have long battery life, and don&t have long boot or update times. Since ChromeOS supports Anbdroid apps, supporting ChromeOS probably wasn&t too onerous.

LumaFusion 3.2

LumaTouch has also unveiled the new version 3.2 of LumaFusion (iOS), which has several new features and small improvements, such as new transitions and improved backups.

The new features of LumaFusion 3.2 in detail:
- 35 new transitions, including blurs, highlights and colors, smooth wipes, shape wipes and amazing new moves.
- Project backups are now synced to iCloud Drive and can be restored from iCloud Drive.
- Linked folders can be renamed
- Localizations for Traditional Chinese and Brazilian Portuguese have been added.

Wait for Black Friday discount before purchase

If you are thinking about buying the iOS version of LumaFusion, you should wait a bit, traditionally LumaTouch offers its video editing program (and also the extensions) 33% off for Black Friday.

Link more infos at bei luma-touch.com

deutsche Version dieser Seite: Mobile Schnitt-App LumaFusion: Neue Version 3.2 - und jetzt auch für Android


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deutsche Version dieser Seite: Mobile Schnitt-App LumaFusion: Neue Version 3.2 - und jetzt auch für Android

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