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Move.ai - cinematic motion capture without trackers with only two iPhones?

Move.ai - cinematic motion capture without trackers with only two iPhones?

[17:47 Fri,10.March 2023   by ]    

An iPhone app, Move.ai, has recently become available, which can be used to create high-quality motion capturings without any markers at all. However, in order to track the movements of one (or even several) persons, it is necessary to film from several perspectives. Therefore, 2 to 6 iPhones are needed, which are connected via app.

The recordings of the linked devices are then uploaded to the Move.ai online service, i.e. processed in the cloud (AWS is used). The finished skeletons or tracking data are compatible with a variety of programs, currently Maya, MotionBuilder, Blender, Cinema4D, Unreal Engine, Unity and Houdini. Outputs are FBX (pre/retargeted), Blender or Maya HIK files. Finger positions can also be tracked, according to Move.ai with about 70% hit rate, while body tracking turns out to be 90% accurate.

MoCap recording can be done very easily. The filming iPhones only need to be mounted on tripods or similar and always have the person to be tracked completely in the picture. The more cameras are used, the more precise the tracking can be, because occlusions (overlaps) can be compensated better. When choosing clothing, it is advisable to ensure sufficient contrast to the background (however, black is unfavorable), and it should also be rather tight, see help documents.

Before recording, a calibration has to be done and also at the beginning of each take, the people in the picture have to do some predefined actions for the tracking to work (clap hands for sync and then stand with arms in T-position for 2s). Currently Move.ai can only track people (no animals); on objects only (foot)balls are detected.

Move.ai has been available as a web service for a few years now, but the iPhone app is new - it supports i Phone 8 - 14 with iOS 16+. As the name suggests, the application is based on AI algorithms or a combination of machine vision and deep learning. This makes it possible to do without cumbersome MoCap workflows with tracking suits and the like.

If you register at Move.ai, you get two free minutes of motion capturing, so you can try the tracking for free. After the free minutes expire, processing the capturings costs 365 dollars for 12 months. However, there is no MoCap flat rate. If you want to process more than 30 minutes per month (or 6 hours per 6 months), you have to pay an additional 4 cents per minute.

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Link more infos at bei www.move.ai

deutsche Version dieser Seite: Move.ai - filmreifes Motion Capture ohne Tracker mit nur zwei iPhones?


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deutsche Version dieser Seite: Move.ai - filmreifes Motion Capture ohne Tracker mit nur zwei iPhones?

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