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NAB 2022 Interview: Atomos and Shogun Connect - powerful cloud tools coming

NAB 2022 Interview: Atomos and Shogun Connect - powerful cloud tools coming

[09:04 tue,26.April 2022   by ]    

bildFor us, perhaps the most spectacular introductions at NAB 2022: Atomos Connect adapters for Ninja V and Ninja V+, and the new cloud-enabled Shogun Connect monitor recorder. The new Atomos tools have the potential to make cloud-based workflows accessible to a wide range of users, significantly simplifying and accelerating previous workflows.

We think the concept of Atomos Cloud Studio is extremely clever, which is effectively a switch on the Internet that allows you to determine where to upload the proxies generated during the capture process: To FrameIO, Dropbox, GoogleDrive, as a stream directly to YouTube, etc.

In any case, we&re already looking forward to no longer having to spend our nights after the trade show editing video in our hotel room, because an editor can start editing while the interview is still in progress - at least that&s the theory. We&ll soon find out whether this will also be so uncomplicated in practice ...

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deutsche Version dieser Seite: NAB 2022 Interview: Atomos und Shogun Connect - mächtige Cloud Tools im Anflug

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