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NAB news from Adobe - Premiere Pro and After Effects updates 04/2022

NAB news from Adobe - Premiere Pro and After Effects updates 04/2022

[15:01 tue,12.April 2022   by ]    

In the NAB month of April, Adobe once again brings to light some news in its video applications:

News in Premiere Pro 04/2022

The biggest news in the Creative Cloud 04/2022 video applications is probably the now completed integration of Frame.io in Premiere Pro. This means that collaborative work is now possible directly in a special panel, in which team members can, among other things, attach messages and correction requests. The completion of tasks can also be confirmed with checked ticks, as with a collective ToDo list. In addition, Camera to Cloud functionality was shown for the first time, allowing cameras to send their clips directly to a Premiere project via the Frame.io Cloud.

In addition, the new Premiere Pro UI design with the Unified Header has now been adopted from the last beta versions. There is now a superordinate menu bar, which can already be found in a similar way in other Adobe applications. In future, you can only switch between "Import", "Edit" and "Export" here.

The new import mode is intended to take the user by the hand as soon as he starts the programme by visually offering available clips as thumbnails for selection. The new Export Mode focuses more on the desired output destination than - as before - on specific encoding parameters. The user can now simply click on social media types such as Youtube, Vimeo or Facebook and Premiere Pro already selects typical parameters according to the platform. Premiere can also register with many social media platforms and initiate a direct upload.

Premiere Pro also gets other functions that some users may already be familiar with from the last beta versions. For example, the new Sensei AI function "Auto Color" tries to optimise the colours of a clip with a mouse click without further input from the user. The result also shows the user the concrete changes in the Lumetri parameters, so that even after the optimisation, further adjustments can be made (or even individually reversed).


Other performance and workflow improvements include the ability to show and hide markers by color, a progress bar for the Remix feature, and an improved trim mode with playback looping.

Even more, the range of new free Adobe Stock assets has been expanded - including HD and 4K video footage and more motion graphics templates.

New features in After Effects.

The After Effects team announces the native version for the Apple M1 will render up to 3x faster than on comparable Intel Macs in select areas (e.g. ProRes Decode). Furthermore, some new features are added:

"Scene Edit Detection" automatically detects scene changes in an edited clip and can either create individual layers from them or insert markers at the detected interfaces.

The new "Extended Viewer" makes it possible for the first time to view 2D and 3D layers outside the frame boundaries with their current content. Previously, only a wireframe representation was available at points outside the visible image. This makes it possible to move layers in and out more intuitively:


As always, updates are available for free download in a timely manner for all Creative Cloud subscribers.

Link more infos at bei news.adobe.com

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deutsche Version dieser Seite: Adobe Premiere Pro und After Effects April-Updates - Frame.io Integration, Auto Color und mehr

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