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New 27

New 27

[16:07 Mon,22.August 2022   by ]    

Eizo had already introduced the two 27" professional monitors CG2700S and CG2700X with integrated color calibration in January - now the first one is delivered. Thus, the WQHD (2,560 x 1,440) monitor CG2700S, which was originally announced for May, is already available at the first dealers available at a price of around 2,400 euros. The 4K UHD monitor CG7200X is still not supposed to be released until fall - Eizo hasn&t announced a price yet, but one retailer already lists it for 2,331 euro.

Eizo ColorEdge CG2700S and CG2700X

Highlights of the two new Eizo monitors in 16:9 format for professional users are, in addition to the integrated sensor for fully automatic self-calibration of the colors, the Wide Gamut IPS panel with a true 10-bit color depth, 16-bit LUT, which covers a variety of different color spaces mostly completely (AdobeRGB to more than 99%, DCI P3 to more than 98% as well as sRGB, Rec709, EBU and SMPTE-C to 100% each).

The CG7200 S model has a lower resolution (WQHD instead of Ultra HD) and brightness (400 instead of 500 nits), but a higher contrast (1,600:1 compared to 1,450:1) than the X model. However, the latter can also display DCI 4K (4,096 x 2,160) content as Ultra HD with the help of a special cropping option.

Eizo ColorEdge CG2700S

According to Eizo, the special homogeneity correction via Digital Uniformity Equalizer ensures precise and homogeneous brightness and color representation across the entire display surface. The display of HDR video content is supported via HLG and the PQ curves. Both models feature color space presets specifically for film and video production, such as DCI-P3, BT.709, BT.2020, PQ (DCI and BT.2100) and HLG (BT.2100).

Color Space Presets for Film and Video Production

There are also color gamut warnings in two modes: Rec. 2020 image content that cannot be displayed in the Rec. 709 color space is displayed in grayscale; alternatively, Rec. 709 clipping mode simulates how Rec. 2020 material would look on HDTV sets. Another plus for working with video: the two displays support both frame rates of 60, 50, 30, 25 and 24 Hz to display film material natively and come with light-shielding hoods that protect against annoying light reflections when working.

Automatic color calibration and sync

The ColorEdge CG2700X and CG2700S feature Eizo&s built-in sensor technology for hardware calibration, which works in conjunction with ColorNavigator 7 calibration software to provide automated color calibration. The two models are the first ColorEdge Prominence HDR reference monitors from Eizo to feature Sync Signal. This feature automatically adjusts the monitor&s settings, such as input range and input color format, to match the video signal to ensure that color settings remain consistent throughout production.

Automatic color calibration via integrated sensor.


The USB-C port on both models can provide connected notebooks with up to 92 or 94 watts of power via power delivery. Like a small USB-C hub, the two new ColorEdge models also each offer a LAN port via USB-C for connecting to the local network (which no longer exists on many notebooks) and can be used as a display for two computers alternately via KVM functionality via USB-C along with a mouse and keyboard. The other interfaces include both an HDMI and a display port as well as a USB upstream port, via which the built-in USB hub can also be used when the connected device does not have USB-C. Both monitors come with a newly developed lightweight light-shielding hood that simply attaches magnetically to the monitor and protects against distracting light on the display.

Eizo ColorEdge CG2700X

Features of the Eizo ColorEdge CG2700S and the CG2700X monitors

- Color space coverage: AdobeRGB (>99%), DCI P3 (>98%), sRGB (100%), Rec709 (100%), EBU (100%), SMPTE-C (100%).
- HDR targets for HDR-HLG and HDR-PQ-EOTF
- Aspect ratio 16:9
- 400 or 500 nits (CG2700S/CG2700X) maximum brightness
- Integrated sensor for fully automatic self-calibration
- 10-bit simultaneous display from a 16-bit LUT
- Homogeneity through patented Digital Uniformity Equalizer (DUE) technology
- Nearest-neighbor interpolation function for video upscaling (CG2700X)
- DCI 4K cropping option for viewing DCI 4K (4096 x 2160) content (CG2700X)
- Ergonomic stand with height adjustment (155 mm), tilt adjustment (35° up

Link more infos at bei www.eizo.de

deutsche Version dieser Seite: Neue 27" ColorEdge Eizo CG2700S und CG2700X Profi-Monitore mit integrierter Farbkalibrierung


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deutsche Version dieser Seite: Neue 27" ColorEdge Eizo CG2700S und CG2700X Profi-Monitore mit integrierter Farbkalibrierung

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