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New ARRI EF-Mount (LBUS) for large format and Super-35 cameras

New ARRI EF-Mount (LBUS) for large format and Super-35 cameras

[10:18 wed,21.October 2020   by ]    

With an EF mount adapter from ARRI it was already possible to use EF lenses on the in-house cameras, which were originally developed for Canon cameras. EF lenses are often available in very fancy variations (for example vintage, extreme wide angle, fisheye, tilt and shift, telephoto or macro lenses) and therefore enjoy great popularity among film makers. Many EF models often support image circles, which can even be sufficient for LargeFormat sensors.

However, the only EF adapter sold by ARRI to date has an integrated light mask that is optimized for the S35 ALEV III sensors. Mechanically, this EF adapter also fits on ARRI large format cameras like the ALEXA Mini LF, but may lead to edge shadows due to the smaller light mask.

Therefore ARRI has now introduced a new adapter that is equipped with a larger light mask and thus covers both large format and Super 35 sensors.


The ALEXA Mini LF and the ALEXA Mini can also use an additional LBUS connection, whereas the AMIRA has no LBUS connection because the AMIRA does not support an LBUS. This is one of the reasons why the first ARRI EF lens mount remains available for the AMIRA camera model.

Lenses with mechanical rings can be used by external lens motors in connection with the LBUS socket of the mount. Precise remote control is provided by ARRI-ECS handheld units such as the wireless WCU-4 and SXU-1 as well as the Operator Control Unit OCU-1 and the Master Grips.

Alternatively, the new mount even allows control of the lens internal iris motor and supports image stabilization of telephoto lenses with EF mount.


The new EF Mount (LBUS) adapter has been developed according to the extremely high ARRI standards regarding durability and reliability and is explicitly suitable for intensive use on professional film sets. It also features an additional EF lock, which anchors the lenses particularly firmly and reliably to the mount. The new EF mount adapter with LBUS is expected to be available from November.

deutsche Version dieser Seite: Neuer ARRI EF-Mount (LBUS) für Large-Format-und Super-35-Kameras


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deutsche Version dieser Seite: Neuer ARRI EF-Mount (LBUS) für Large-Format-und Super-35-Kameras

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