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New Kinefinity Cine Cameras - MAVO S35 mark2 and MAVO LF mark2

New Kinefinity Cine Cameras - MAVO S35 mark2 and MAVO LF mark2

[16:11 Thu,19.January 2023   by ]    

Kinefinity has introduced two new cameras: The MAVO S35 Mark 2 and the MAVO LF Mark 2. Both cameras closely resemble their MAVO predecessors.

The MAVO S35 Mark 2 has a 6K S35 Dual Native ISO sensor (800/3200), which is marketed at 14 f-stops and is believed to be from Sony. At the latest since the introduction of ARRI&s Alexa35, other manufacturers also seem to be betting that S35 will remain with us as the cine standard format for a long time to come.


The sensor allows recording at up to 96fps in 6K Wide (6144 x 2516), 112fps in 5K Wide (5120 x 2160). In 6K "Open Gate" (6144 x 4016), 60fps can also be achieved. In an M43 crop mode, 150fps are then possible in 3.8K Wide (3840 x 1600) and if you go to an S16 window, up to 270 frames per second can be recorded (1.9K Wide (1920 x 800).
The new MAVO LF Mark II uses the same 3:2 DUAL Native ISO sensor (800/5120) of the www.slashcam.de/artikel/Test/Kinefinity-MAVO-Edge-6K---ProRes-statt-compressed-RAW.html#Einleitung_ (MAVO Edge 6K (review here)). It therefore also has the same frame rates to offer. These are:

Up to 48fps in 6K Open Gate (6016 x 3984),
up to 86fps in 5K Wide (5120 x 2400)
up to 75fps in 5.7K Wide (5760 x 2400) as well as
up to 60fps in 6K 17:9 (6016 x 3172).

In an S35 window, much higher frame rates, similar to the Mavo S35, are also possible: for example, up to 150fps in 3.8K Wide (3840 x 1600).

With the new cameras this time also come new lens mount options. They are still equipped with the KineMOUNT, which has been available for a long time and for which Kinefinity has a large number of adapters in its portfolio: In addition to EF, (L)PL and Nikon variants, active (!) E-mount and PL adapters have now been added.

Especially the active E-mount is quite unique for a non-Sony camera and is supposed to support most E-mount optics. It should be possible to control the aperture, the focal length and the focus electronically. Optical stabilisation is also supposed to be usable, provided the optics offer this function.

In contrast to the MAVO Edge 6K, the two new cameras no longer have an internal eND filter - which may partly explain their lower price. Instead, Kinefinity offers two special EF/PL mounts with integrated eND filters for around 1000 euros. However, since these cannot be moved out of the optical path, they always steal a little light even when open.


Both Mark II models again have the usual box design and weigh around 1.4 kg. They offer the typical MAVO connections such as 3G-SDI, 2 x XLR + 48V phantom, 3.5mm Audio In- Out, USB-C, 2 pin LEMO DC IN, SYNC port, 5 pin LEMO TC Input & Output, LENS port as well as Video OUT (for KineMon Monitor and EVF).

For power supply, either standard 14.8V V-mount batteries or the Canon compatible BP-U batteries can be used.

Since Kinefinity is no longer allowed to record ProRes RAW and KineRaw due to legal disputes with RED, the camera now offers almost all known ProRes formats from ProRes 422 LT to ProRes4444XQ.

Recording is done (with a maximum of 2 slots) on so-called KineMag Nano media. On the one hand, these are proprietary media, but can also be purchased individually as a housing (for about 200 dollars) and "filled" with commercially available M.2 NVMe SSDs. Alternatively, it is also possible to purchase pre-populated 1TB KineMAGs for about 1000 dollars, in which commercially available Samsung SSDs are installed.

Kinefinity promotes the KineMAGs with several advantages. For example, they are a robust casing for inexpensive M2 SSDs, which at the same time enable a reliable fit in the camera. At the same time, there is an additional USB-C port in the housing that can be used to connect each KineMAG directly to a PC or Mac for editing. Data transfer is possible with USB3.1 Gen (10Gbps), so an additional reader is not necessary.


On the one hand, we find the idea of installing USB-C directly on the storage medium quite practical, but in the long run we do not trust this connector to be very stable in "hard practical use". Personally, we would prefer a dedicated reader and a cheaper housing as a combination, but other users may have a different opinion.

Pro Res files, like RAW, can be quite lush: A 6K Open Gate recording with 24p ProRes 4444XQ fills a 1TB KineMAG Nano Drive in about half an hour.

On the other hand, the prices have been reduced compared to the predecessor models - in some cases significantly: The MAVO S35 Mark II will cost 3,999 US dollars, the MAVO LF Mark 2 will be sold for 5,999 US dollars. Both models are to be delivered from the beginning of March.

Link more infos at bei www.kinefinity.com

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deutsche Version dieser Seite: Neue Kinefinity Cine Kameras günstiger - MAVO S35 mark2 und MAVO LF mark2

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