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New Lexar CFexpress Type A and B GOLD Memory Cards up to 320GB and 2TB, respectively

[15:07 Tue,29.November 2022   by Thomas Richter]    

Lexar has expanded its two GOLD series of CFexpress Type A and Type B with new models with even more storage space. For example, Lexar&s introduced in August CFexpress Type A GOLD cards previously stopped at 160 GB, but now their maximum capacity has been doubled to 320 GB. Likewise, the memory of Lexar&s CFexpress Type A GOLD memory cards, which was previously limited to 512 GB, has been expanded by two models with 1 and 2 TB, respectively.

New Lexar CFexpress Type A and B GOLD memory cards.

Lexar CFexpress Type A GOLD Memory Cards

CFexpress Type A are smaller than SD and larger than microSD, making them more compact than Type B memory cards, but they also only have half their maximum read and write speeds, with a maximum of 1,000 MB/s, and they also have significantly less storage capacity. However, CFexpress Type A cards are potentially twice as fast as the fastest UHS-III SDXC cards and are used, for example, by Sony&s A7s III, A1, FX3 and FX6 cameras for recording high-resolution video. CFexpress Type B cards are used by Panasonic&s S1 and Canon&s EOS R5 and C300 Mark III cameras, among others.

The Lexar CFexpress Type A GOLD 320 GB memory card has a read speed of up to 900 MB/s, a continuous write speed of up to 800 MB/s, and a minimum write speed of 700 MB/s.


It complies with the Video Performance Grade 400 standard (VPG 400), which ensures stable video recording at a minimum of 400MB/s. Lexar thus targets professional users such as filmmakers who want to reliably record high-resolution (RAW) video. The Lexar Professional CFexpress Type A Card GOLD Series 320 GB has a ruggedized enclosure that offers high durability to protect against temperature, shock, and vibration. Lexar also offers a lifetime limited warranty.


Lexar CFexpress Memory Cards Type B GOLD

Both the new Lexar CFexpress Memory Card Type B GOLD 1TB and 2TB achieve a maximum read speed of up to 1,900 MB/s and a minimum sustained write speed (especially important for error-free video recording) of 1,300 MB/s, with a maximum write speed of 1,500 MB/s. For versatility, the card is backward compatible with select XQD cameras.

CFexpress Cards Type A, B and soon C

CFexpress cards come in several formats: As compact Type A cards (20x28x2.8 mm, and thus even smaller than SD cards with 32.0×24.0×2.1 mm), which use a PCIe 3.0 lane and achieve a maximum transfer speed of around 1 GB/s using the NVMe 1.3 host controller interface, as somewhat larger Type B models (38. 5x29.8x3.8 mm) and in the future as even larger Type C models (54x74x4.8 mm) with capacities of up to 4 TB and up to four PCI 3.0 lanes (more precisely 1,2 or 4) - depending on the number of lanes used, the speed also scales, which can then be 1 GB/s, 2 GB/s or (in the future) even 4 GB/s.


Price and availability

The new CFexpress memory cards are expected to be available very soon (but they are not yet listed online at Lexar) - the Lexar CFexpress Memory Card Type A GOLD 320 GB is expected to cost 599 euros, the Lexar CFexpress Type B GOLD memory card with 1 TB 1,000 euros or with 2 TB 1,600 euros.

Link more infos at bei www.lexar.com

deutsche Version dieser Seite: Neue Lexar CFexpress Speicherkarten Typ A und B GOLD mit bis zu 320 GB bzw. 2TB


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deutsche Version dieser Seite: Neue Lexar CFexpress Speicherkarten Typ A und B GOLD mit bis zu 320 GB bzw. 2TB

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