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New NVIDIA Eye Contact AI Effect: Bye bye Teleprompter?

New NVIDIA Eye Contact AI Effect: Bye bye Teleprompter?

[11:06 Wed,25.January 2023   by ]    

NVIDIA has released the new version 1.4 of its free "Broadcast" tool for livestreaming and video conferencing, which now brings the two interesting AI new GPU effects Eye Contact and Vignette. Since app developers can integrate all of the NVIDIA Broadcast effects into their own software via SDK, the new features will also (soon) be available in a wide variety of tools such as OBS, Streamlabs and Elgato Camera Hub.

Eye contact effect

Eye Contact - the direct look in the eyes

The new Eye Contact effect moves the eyes of the speaker of a video in real time to simulate eye contact with the camera (and thus the viewer). The eyes retain their natural colour and blink, and there is even an interrupt function in case the gaze (and the orientation of the head) drifts too far to still maintain simulated realistic eye contact.

The new effect is ideal, for example, when the speaker in a video reads his text from a script - the viewer is then still made to believe that he is being looked at directly. Depending on how well this works, it could make the use of teleprompters superfluous in the future, because the speaker would always look exactly into the camera if desired via the eye contact effect and thus seem to be looking the viewer in the eye. Eye contact normally creates a more direct connection from the speaker to the viewer and is therefore usually desirable.

So far, a similar effect has already been integrated by various videoconferencing tools such as Microsoft Teams and even Windows 11, in order to solve the inherent problem that each participant directs his or her gaze at the eyes of the other participants on the screen, but due to the offset position of the webcam always looks next to it, which can be irritating. However, if the artificial eye contact does not work well, then it becomes even stranger.

According to the demos, the new NVIDIA eye contact effect seems to have a higher quality (presumably by using the power of an RTX GPU), but it could also be used specifically in other programmes via SDK and thus develop its effect. However, it is still in the beta phase and NVIDIA is asking for feedback from users about situations in which the effect does not work as desired in order to improve it further.

Vignette and more

The second new effect is the Vignette effect (background blur), which generates an AI-simulated bokeh on the webcam - similar to apps like Instagram or other video conferencing tools. In addition, temporal information has been added to the "Blur", "Replace" and "Remove Virtual Background" effects for better segmentation and stability. Broadcast hat außerdem zwei der am häufigsten von der Community geforderten Funktionen integriert: die Möglichkeit, die Kamera zu spiegeln und einen Screenshot der Webcam zu machen.

Die neue Version von NVIDIA Broadcast kann ab sofort kostenlos heruntergeladen werden - Voraussetzung ist eine NVIDIA GeForce RTX Grafikkarte, mit deren Hilfe die KI-Berechnungen für die verschiedenen Effekte erfolgen. (Danke an Alex)

Link more infos at bei www.nvidia.com

deutsche Version dieser Seite: Neuer KI-Effekt NVIDIA Eye Contact: Bye bye Teleprompter?


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deutsche Version dieser Seite: Neuer KI-Effekt NVIDIA Eye Contact: Bye bye Teleprompter?

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