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New WD My Book Duo: External hard drive with 44 TB storage

New WD My Book Duo: External hard drive with 44 TB storage

[16:17 Fri,17.February 2023   by ]    

Good news for anyone who works with video and can never have enough storage space: Western Digital has just released not only a new top model with 22 TB storage capacity of its My Book series of external hard drives, but also a new model of its My Book Duo series, which combines two 3.5" 2 TB HDDs via RAID 0 to a total capacity of fabulous 44 TB at maximum speed. Alternatively, the data on one of the two HDDs can be mirrored on the other via RAID 1 for security, but then only 22 TB of capacity is available and the data transfer speed is also lower. However, the two hard drives of the My Book Duo can be used as two independent hard drives (JBOD) with different drive letters.

WD My Book Duo 44 TB

The My Book (Duo) is connected to the computer using one of two USB C ports and USB 3.2 Gen1/USB 3.0 protocol with a speed of up to 300 MB/s. Additional USB devices can be connected to the other USB port, so the My Book Duo effectively acts as a docking station and allows additional storage devices, keyboards, mice, card readers, USB sticks or smartphones to be connected for synchronization or charging.

The My Book Duo is equipped with 256-bit AES hardware encryption and password protection software to secure private content. The WD My Book Duo is pre-formatted for Windows 10 and above with NTFS, allowing it to be used as plug-and-play storage. WD offers its own software that installs NTFS drivers for macOS so that the hard drive can also be used under macOS without reformatting and thus seamlessly switch between operating systems. Otherwise, the MY Book Duo has to be reformatted to work under macOS.

WD My Book Duo 44 TB

Western Digital&s new external hard drive My Book with 22 TB is priced at 677.99 euros. The My Book Duo 44 TB, which is twice as large, is priced at 1,687.99 euros and is available now in addition to the previous models with 16/20/22/24/28 and 36 TB.

Those who need maximum additional storage capacity, but can do without mobile use and still have room in their case, can also purchase the 22 TB hard drive on its own. Western Digital is the only manufacturer in the consumer sector to offer several models here starting at around 464 euros.

Link more infos at bei www.westerndigital.com

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deutsche Version dieser Seite: Neue WD My Book Duo: Externe Festplatte mit 44 TB Speicher vorgestellt

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