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New firmware for Canon EOS C70 brings many new features

New firmware for Canon EOS C70 brings many new features

[16:45 Mon,12.December 2022   by ]    

Canon has just released the announced in November sixth firmware update for the EOS C70 4K Digital Cinema Camera. The new firmware version improves workflow and functionality for content creation, live production and documentary. For example, the update brings support for Canon&s XC protocol for remote shooting, a new Custom Picture Profile Canon 709, several new autofocus features, as well as new 4K intra-recording options up to 60P/50P at 600Mbps and expanded compatibility across the product line.

Canon EOS C70

New features in firmware version

- Eye autofocus (AF), face detection and tracking in slow and fast shooting (24-120p): Canon Eye autofocus, Face Detection and Tracking provide more accurate autofocus performance at accelerated frame rates, ensuring you don&t miss that crucial shot.

- XF-AVC 4K Intra-Frame 60p: The newly added XF-AVC Intra-Frame 60p records at a bit rate of 600 Mbps, providing users with a lightweight, high-quality codec that helps minimize storage costs and speed up file transfers. XF-AVC files are much smaller than other compression methods and maintain 4K image quality while recording at higher frame rates. The compression allows for easier file handling and recording to an SD card.
- Canon&s IP-based XC protocol: XC protocol enables remote control of multiple cameras via the Canon RC-IP100 remote control or other third-party XC protocol-enabled remote control panels.
- Canon 709 Custom Image Profile: The Canon 709 profile has the same dynamic range as the current Wide DR profile setting with high contrast. This provides a rich, cinematic look to your footage without the need for time-consuming color correction CMT 709 "Viewing Assistance": the camera&s video output can now be viewed on a REC.709 compatible monitor. CMT 709 is a great starting point for any type of color correction and helps make adjustments on the fly, reducing the time needed to edit the file in post-production.
- Full communication with EF-mount flex zoom 45-135mm and CINE-SERVO 15-120mm lenses: Communication features include T-stop indication, chromatic aberration correction, Dual Pixel CMOS AF, and Dual Pixel Focus Guide.
- Retention of camera settings when switching between normal and slow & fast shooting modes.
- The 4-channel audio display is now visible in the level meter on the camera&s LCD.

The update is not yet available on the German Canon EOS C70 website, but it is available on the American site.

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Link more infos at bei www.usa.canon.com

deutsche Version dieser Seite: Firmware für Canon EOS C70 verfügbar mit vielen neuen Funktionen

Canon EOS C70im Vergleich mit:

Listenpreis: 5219 €
Markteinführung: November 2020
Super35 / APS-C
Mount: RF-Mount

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Listenpreis: 5700 €
Sensorgrößen-Klasse: Super35 / APS-C
Canon EOS C200
Listenpreis: 8925 €
Super35 / APS-C


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deutsche Version dieser Seite: Firmware für Canon EOS C70 verfügbar mit vielen neuen Funktionen

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