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New firmware 1.5 for RED Komodo 6K camera brings among others 6K Anamorphic R3D

New firmware 1.5 for RED Komodo 6K camera brings among others 6K Anamorphic R3D

[13:02 mon,29.March 2021   by ]    

RED has released beta version 1.5 of the new firmware for its Komodo camera. The update brings RED's 6K camera some interesting new features such as support for 6K Anamorphic R3D, 4-channel audio, and 6K 2:1 like the other RED cams already have. There are also livestream tools and support for a magnify function.

RED Komodo

As a reminder, RED's Komodo has a large 6K S35 sensor complete with global shutter as well as 12G SDISDI im Glossar erklärt and a Canon R/RF mount, records video in R3D with REDCODE RAW code format on CFast 2.0 memory cards (instead of the extremely expensive RED mags) and costs around ,000. It records at 40 fps at 6K (6,144 x 3,240) resolution with full sensor readout, 50 fps at 6K widescreen (6,144 x 2,592 pixels), and 24-60 fps at DCI 4K resolution.

The RED Komodo Firmware 1.5 Beta innovations in detail.

- Added support for 6K Anamorphic R3D (requires REDCINE-X PRO v52.3 or higher)
- Added 6K 2:1 format
- Added livestream tools and magnify support
- Added FTPS support for remote offload
- Added 4-channel audio support
- WiFi scan support added
- Prism viewfinder mode added
- Added support for Canon RF lens control ring
- Added cross-sync support (e.g. GenlockGenlock im Glossar erklärt 30P, SDISDI im Glossar erklärt 60P)
- Added BWAV support for off-speed audio
- Added support for static IP in infrastructure mode
- Added Exascend CFast 512GB and 1TB to approval list
- Fixed intermittent 'error loading a clip' during playback

Operator Notes.

- ZoomZoom im Glossar erklärt in via live stream and LCD in 2K, 4K or 5K causes live stream to freeze. Restart the camera to enable it again.
- RF lens focus range switch is currently not supported.
- Warning message is displayed for unapproved media and batteries.

deutsche Version dieser Seite: Neue Firmware 1.5 für RED Komodo 6K Kamera bringt u.a. 6K Anamorphic R3D


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deutsche Version dieser Seite: Neue Firmware 1.5 für RED Komodo 6K Kamera bringt u.a. 6K Anamorphic R3D

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