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New one-handed gimbals DJI RS 2 and RSC 2: lighter, stronger and for the first time with display

New one-handed gimbals DJI RS 2 and RSC 2: lighter, stronger and for the first time with display

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DJI has now expanded its Ronin one-handed gimbal series of 3-axis stabilizing systems for cameras with two new models, the Ronin S 2 (RS 2) and Ronin SC 2 (RSC 2), successors of the respective first generation gimbals. The maximum load capacity has been increased for both models: the RS 2, with a maximum load capacity of 4.5kg, is aimed at professional heavier camera systems, while the more compact RSC 2 is aimed at lighter cameras such as mirrorless and more compact DSLR cameras weighing up to 3kg.

DJI RS 2 Gimbal

DJI Ronin S 2
The RS 2 Gimbal itself weighs only 1.3 kg (without quick release plates only 1072 grams) thanks to the use of carbon fiber components and works with one battery charge for up to 12 hours. A quick-charge function on the battery handle allows 2 hours of further battery operation with a charging time of only 15 minutes.

Following the example set by other gimbal manufacturers, DJI is for the first time equipping its new Ronin Gimbals with a color 1.4" touch screen, which can be used to display camera data, gimbal settings or a live feed from the camera and to activate important functions such as ActiveTrack and intelligent recording modes. This is especially practical when you don&t always have to work in combination with a smartphone as controller. Additional controls include an integrated front wheel and a DJI focus wheel mounted on the RSA connector for two-channel focus and zoom.

DJI RS 2 Color Touch Display

Other features of the RS 2 are axle locks, which facilitate balancing and transport (a fine adjustment wheel allows for even more precise balancing of the camera payload) and a two-layer quick-release plate, which is compatible with both the Arca Swiss and Manfrotto standards. The two RSA connectors are also NATO-compatible, so accessories such as handles or a remote control can be connected.

DJI RS 2 focus wheel

A new SuperSmooth mode provides stabilization especially for lenses with longer focal lengths of up to 100mm. Accessories (such as the image transfer system or a focus motor, see below) can be connected via three USB-C ports.

DJI Ronin SC 2
The DJI Ronin SC 2 weighs 1.2 kg and is foldable for easy t-transport (and then approximately only DIN A5 in size). It consists of steel components for important and frequently used parts and aluminum to reduce weight. The integrated battery provides power for 14 hours of operation. Like the DJI RS 2, it has a quick charge function directly on the battery handle. The DJI RSC 2 can be configured in six different ways Upright, Hanging, Briefcase, Flashlight, Portrait and Storage.

The RSC 2 has a 1-inch OLED screen to display camera data and also offers the ability to change these settings. Other features are the same as the RS 2 axle lock and a two-layer quick-release plate compatible with both the Arca Swiss and Manfrotto standards.

A clear comparison of the capabilities and features of the two new gimbal models can be found here.

DJI RS 2 and RSC 2 Gimbals

Intelligent recording modes of both models
-time tunnel: The system performs a 360-degree rotation while recording a hyperlapse and gives the footage that little bit extra creativity.
-Flashlight mode: The system tilts the camera all the way forward so you can hold it like a flashlight.
-Easy Portrait Mode: For professional social media shooting, the Gimbal quickly aligns the camera to portrait mode.
-Panorama: You can create panoramas up to one gigapixel in size. Simply configure the sensor and focal length, set the start and stop points, and start shooting.
-360° rotation: The gimbal switches to flashlight mode and rolls the camera system 360 degrees.
-time lapse: This proven feature shows nuanced changes over the duration of the shot.

The accessories
A whole range of accessories such as a multifunction plate, a focus wheel, a 3D focus system, a variable double handle, the RavenEye image transmission system, a control block for tethering, a counterweight set and much more extend the functions of the two gimbals.

RavenEye image transmission system and ActiveTrack 3.0
For both new models, the professional image transmission system known as "Raven Eye" for wireless transmission of the live HDMIHDMI im Glossar erklärt camera image to smartphones or tablets running the DJI Ronin App is available as an option for the first time. It not only allows live 1080p1080p im Glossar erklärt video up to a distance of 100m with a latency of only 60 ms but also the adjustment of gimbal and camera parameters via radio.

Raven Eye image transmission system

Using the live image in the app, ActiveTrack 3.0 - known from DJI&s newer drones and the Ronin SC gimbal - can also be activated so that the gimbal automatically follows an object with the camera or stays focused on the selected object when the gimbal is moved. And also the well-known Force Mobile control of the gimbal is possible, where the movement of the smartphone is tracked by the gimbal by changing its position.

3D TOF Autofocus
The new 3D autofocus system is especially targeted at one-man crews using lenses with manual focus. The autofocus is controlled by TOF (Time-Of-Flight) sensors mounted above the camera, which measure the distance between the camera and the subject and adjust the focus accordingly.

The DJI RS 2 and DJI RSC 2 are available from October 31st - the RS 2 costs 740 Euro, as RS 2 Pro Combo with focus motor, Raven Eye image transmission system, cell phone holder and some additional cables 877 Euro.

Price and Combos
The RSC 2 costs 419 Euro, as RSC 2 Pro Combo with focus motor, Raven Eye image transmission system, cell phone cradle and some additional cables 614 Euro (the latter is currently already sold out in the DJI Store).
The two gimbals are compatible with many current mirror and mirrorless cameras such as the Canon EOS, Sony Alpha, Panasonic G/GH or Nikons D/Z model series, a detailed list can be found at here.

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Link more infos at bei www.dji.com

deutsche Version dieser Seite: Neue Einhand Gimbals DJI RS 2 und RSC 2: leichter, stärker und erstmals mit Display


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deutsche Version dieser Seite: Neue Einhand Gimbals DJI RS 2 und RSC 2: leichter, stärker und erstmals mit Display

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