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Nikon D5600 presented - unfortunately without 4K

[12:53 thu,10.November 2016   by ]    

The post-second successor of our favorite cameras (the www.slashcam.de/artikel/Test/Nikon-D5200---hoehere-Videoqualitaet-als-GH2--GH3-und-Canon-MKIII-- --All-.html (Nikon D5200)) was currently presented by Nikon. The D5600 has it although obviously everything we liked about this camera in 2013 (including de facto moirfreie FullHDFullHD im Glossar erklärt recording), but we do not write the year 2013. And so would have a 4K recording possibility of new camera certainly good stood. PIC 1 Instead, there are as new features a slightly smaller body and SnapBridge (Wi-Fi + Bluetooth). Next is possible now (finally) AutoISO put on the TouchFN button and the "Frame Advance Bar Touch Interface" to have been taken over by the D5. Furthermore, is still a new time-lapse functionAdded automatic Belichtungsglaettung. PIC 2 There were even rumors beforehand that the D5600 will also possess the improved dynamics of the D7200, but this is not yet known. Otherwise will probably be noted that the transition from a former model not just appear necessarily fit into these few new features. Especially since 24MP sensor and EXPEED and have 4 processor opposite the predecessor apparently not changed. At the same stands for 2017, the hundertjaehrige Firmenjubilaeum front of the door, the (likely bring Vera end stanchions with them) some www.golem.de/news/digitalkameras-nikon-geraet-in-krisensituation-1611-124379.html. So you would expect -As at Sony more expensive products, while compact cameras are likely to slowly die. It must be said that in 2016 due to theComponent shortages (not only) for Nikon has been a difficult year. At Photokina there were actually at all no camera innovations for the clientele and the DL-cameras that were introduced early in 2016 are not yet available due to Kumamoto impact until today. There may actually be better in 2017 ... The Nikon D5600 is expected from the end of November 2016 trade obtained. The suggested retail prices will be: D5600 Kameragehaeuse: 819.00 D5600 Kit with AF-P DX NIKKOR 18-55mm 1: 3.5-5.6G VR: 929.00 D5600 Kit with AF-S DX NIKKOR 18- 105 mm 1: 3.5-5.6G ED VR: 1,089.00 D5600 Kit with AF-S DX NIKKOR 18140 mm 1: 3,55,6G ED VR: 1,139.00 u003cimg src=

Bilder zur Newsmeldung:

Link more infos at bei www.nikon.de

deutsche Version dieser Seite: Nikon D5600 vorgestellt - leider ohne 4K


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deutsche Version dieser Seite: Nikon D5600 vorgestellt - leider ohne 4K

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