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Nikon announces upcoming Z 9 with 8K recording

Nikon announces upcoming Z 9 with 8K recording

[11:04 wed,10.March 2021   by ]    

Nikon has today announced the development of the Z 9. However, as with previous announcements, this is not a concrete product presentation, but only an "announcement" that one can still expect a first "top model" for the Nikon Z bayonet in 2021. The already announced specifications are still quite sparse:

The Z9 is supposed to be based on a newly developed stacked CMOS sensor in FX full-frame format as well as a new image processing DSP. For filmmakers, the statements on the video functions should be particularly exciting:

"To meet the growing demands of professionals, experienced enthusiasts and filmmakers, the Z9 supports 8K video recording as well as numerous other video specifications for a wide variety of needs and workflows."


However, if Nikon wants to offer a real alternative to Sony, Panasonic and Canon when it comes to the Z9&s video capabilities, we don&t think "just" 8K video resolution should be enough. In addition, there should be internal 10-bit 50/60p recording in at least 4K resolution as well as an internally recordable log profile with at least 13+ f-stops.

For this, however, Nikon would have to have invested in new, internal codecs. Other video functions besides the 8K video resolution were also promised by Nikon for the Z9. We are curious to see whether Nikon will actually take a real leap here with new codecs and internal LOG. In terms of stabilisation and autofocus, Nikon is already on a par with its direct competitors.

Link more infos at bei www.nikon.de

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deutsche Version dieser Seite: Z-Mount - Nikon kündigt Z 9 Spitzenmodell mit 8K Aufzeichnung an

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