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Nikon won'amp;t develop DSLRs anymore either - or will they?

Nikon won'amp;t develop DSLRs anymore either - or will they?

[16:00 Tue,12.July 2022   by ]    

Nikon is also likely to withdraw from the SLR camera segment. At least that is what the Japanese business newspaper Nikkei has learned - according to this, the focus will be on mirrorless cameras from now on.

Nikon itself has clarified in a short message that this is only speculation and that production, sales and service of digital SLR cameras will be continued. However, the word development is missing from this list.

State of the Art: Mirrorless Nikon Z 9

In January, Canon had announced no more digital SLR flagship models to develop, because the market is increasingly oriented towards mirrorless cameras. For beginners and advanced users, however, new Canon SLR cameras are also conceivable in the future.

Nikon, on the other hand, had only recently confirmed that it would discontinue production of the older DSLR models D3500 and D5600, which were aimed at amateurs. The company wants to concentrate its development resources on mid-range and high-end cameras and lenses, while products for younger hobby users must also have a stronger video focus.

The importance of video in particular for Nikon&s future direction was made clear by the company in a presentation for investors in April. Strong video functions should make the cameras interesting for filmmakers, it said. To this end, for example, the portfolio of Z-optics is to be expanded and more remote features implemented. Video features are also expected to migrate from the Z9 to the rest of the camera lineup.

The mirrorless flagship camera Z9 already shows very clearly that Nikon has long since (and successfully) embarked on this journey away from "old-fashioned" SLR cameras to photo-video hybrids with highly professional standards. In a recent field test, we had a look at the Z 9 with the new 2.0 firmware (key point internal RAW recording).

Link more infos at bei www.theverge.com

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deutsche Version dieser Seite: Nikon entwickelt auch keine DSLRs mehr - oder doch?

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