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No-Fly Zones Hack: DJI is back

No-Fly Zones Hack: DJI is back

[09:25 wed,12.July 2017   by ]    

After recently it became known that the Russian company Coptersafe software against a stately payment the flight ban zones as well as speed restrictions Of different DJI drones, hackers have discovered by reverse engineering within a very short time, as Coptersafes Software does. Now, on the Internet, YouTube, Facebook, and Forums, is how to self-hack its drone and since it seems more and more DJI owners so disable their drone restrictions, DJI has responded and removed all vulnerable firmware versions from its site and created a new one Software, which the exploited vulnerabilities no longer exhibits and over-the-air updateIs automatically installed as soon as the drone is connected to the Internet. DJI has also told Motherboard to react to illegal modifications without delay in the future. Since some Copter pilots feel DJIs speed limits and the programmed flight ban zones as an unacceptable restriction of their rights - despite the possibility to free the no-fly zones by DJI temporarily via DJI Geo temporaer (which does not always have to work) To circumvent the restrictions. The whole seems to grow into a classic contest, in which once the one, sometimes the other side has its nose in front (similar to the illegal decoding of Pay TV or the cracking of copy protection measures)It by using old, still vulnerable firmware, by finding new vulnerabilities in the code or hardware modifications. In the United States, the hacking of the drone software is in a legal gray area - as long as it is not explicitly forbidden, it is probably legal. The restriction of DJIs with respect to the flight ban zones and maximum airports is actually only help - each droning pilot remains responsible for not violating the valid flight regulations of his country, be it with the limitations implemented by firmware or without. The hackers themselves, according to motherboard, tend to focus on problems caused by a partially incorrect implementation by DJI (such as, for example, no-fly zones where there is none) and thereby caused unnecessary restrictions than to circumvent the flight rules. u003cimg

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Link more infos at bei motherboard.vice.com

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deutsche Version dieser Seite: No-Fly-Zones Hack: DJI schlägt zurück

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