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Nvidia Broadcast App 1.3: Better live streaming and video conferencing via AI

Nvidia Broadcast App 1.3: Better live streaming and video conferencing via AI

[14:20 mon,6.September 2021   by ]    

Nvidia has made a new version of its Broadcast app available for free download for owners of its graphics cards. Nvidia Broadcast uses GPU-accelerated AI algorithms to optimize the voice and video transmission of live streams, voice chats and video conferences and works together with popular programs such as OBS Studio, Streamlabs, XSplit Broadcaster, Twitch Studio, Skype, ZoomZoom im Glossar erklärt, Microsoft Teams and Google Meet. AI effects such as microphone noise and room echo suppression, virtual backgrounds, webcam auto-framing, and video noise suppression can be used in these apps.

The new 1.3 feature also extends support to numerous tools released by camera manufacturers last year that allow DSLRs/DSLMs to be used as webcams, such as Canon&s EOS Webcam Utility, Nikon&s Webcam Utility and Sony&s Imaging Edge. In addition, the new version reduces the VRAM usage by 40% and optimizes the suppression of sounds even when speaking loudly or particularly emotionally (up to now, the AI often mistakenly filtered out the voice as well). The last update 1.2 already made it possible to use several effects in parallel.

The features of the Nvidia Broadcast App

- NoiseNoise im Glossar erklärt reduction: via AI (aka DeepLearning), ambient noise - such as loud keyboard noise or a doorbell - can be automatically removed from the microphone signal. This filter can also be applied to the incoming sound.
- Room echo removal: the algorithm can also filter out distracting room echo or reverb for a clearer sound
- Virtual Background - this is a feature Nvidia had already introduced in 2019: via AI, the background of one&s live video feed can be replaced in real time by another (such as a substitute graphic or an unobtrusive blur)
- Auto Frame: by detecting the face, the algorithm automatically adjusts the image (via cropping and zooming) so that the face always remains in the center, despite movements
- Video NoiseNoise im Glossar erklärt Removal: the function improves the image quality of a webcam and especially removes the visual noise that often occurs in low light conditions

Nvidia Broadcast App

Using the effects in other apps

An interesting feature is the ability to use the Nvidia Broadcast App&s effects/filters in other programs, such as Adobe Premiere Pro, Adobe Audition, Notch, or Audacity:
- Live streamers can apply Nvidia&s noise reduction effects to an audio source in OBS Studio 27, Streamlabs, XSplit Broadcaster 4.0 or Gamecaster 4. Nvidia&s auto-frame technology can also be used via Xaymar&s StreamFX plugin for OBS
- Video editors and podcasters can add Nvidia noise reduction as a VST filter to any compatible application using Xaymar&s VoiceFX. This works in Adobe Premiere Pro, Adobe Audition, or Audacity 64-bit.
- VFX artists can use Notch&s native integration of virtual background, face tracking, and 3D body tracking
- Owners of AVerMedia microphones, headsets, or cameras get all relevant Nvidia broadcast features integrated directly into the device&s software. AVerMedia&s CamEngine and VoiceEngine software can already enable broadcast features.

System requirements

The system requirements for Nvidia&s Broadcast app (Windows 10) are quite high, though - at least a GeForce RTX 2060, Quadro RTX 300, Titan RTX or higher model must be installed, as well as a minimum Intel Core i5 8600 or AMD Ryzen R5 2600 CPU with 8 GB of RAM. NVIDIA Broadcast works with most PC microphones, speakers or headsets, and webcams. This includes the latest models from manufacturers like Logitech, ElGato, AverMedia, Razer, Asus, HyperX, SteelSeries, Rode, Bose, and also with Apple&s Airpods.

Link more infos at bei www.nvidia.com

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deutsche Version dieser Seite: Nvidia Broadcast App 1.3: Besseres Livestreaming und Videokonferenzen per KI

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