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OM System LS-P5: compact intelligent audio recorder for filmmakers

OM System LS-P5: compact intelligent audio recorder for filmmakers

[17:41 Wed,24.August 2022   by ]    

OM System has introduced the LS-P5, a new compact audio recorder designed specifically for professional filmmakers, YouTubers and musicians. The OM SYSTEM LS-P5 is equipped with the new and improved TRESMIC II high-performance microphone system, which enables stereo recording with extended frequency response in Linear PCM or FLAC format at 96 kHz/24-bit. The unit features three built-in high-performance directional microphones that allow selective zoom control.

OM System LS-P5

Thanks to the tunable polar pattern of each microphone, sound sources can be recorded faithfully, from very low to very high frequencies. A special function in the unit mixes the input signals of the three microphones and adjusts the directionality in 21 steps without changing the audio quality. The microphones also provide a sound pressure level of up to 125 dB (SPL). This allows for distortion-free recordings over a wide dynamic range.

Via Bluetooth, the LS-P5 can be controlled by smartphone from up to meters away using the free smartphone app DVR.Remote (iOS and Android). This avoids annoying operating noises when settings are changed during recording. With the app, it is not only possible to start and stop recording, but also to
adjust the volume level during recording and change filter settings or directionality, which is especially convenient for recording musical performances, business meetings, press conferences or even wild birds from a distance, for example.

OM System LS-P5

The LS-P5 offers both Mic-In and Line-In input for connecting an external microphone as well as a headphone output. However, recordings can also be monitored via Bluetooth wireless headphones (in 16-bit recording mode) - which is especially convenient when used together with cameras that do not have a headphone jack. Wireless sound monitoring and remote control via Bluetooth both work smoothly up to a distance of 10m.

The LS-P5 recorder supports a maximum sampling rate of 96 kHz and linear PCM recording with a bit depth of up to 24 bits. It also enables recording and playback in FLAC format with lossless compression, which ensures high sound quality while reducing file sizes by 30% compared to PCM (.WAV). In addition to the 16 GB internal memory, it is possible to expand the storage space via MicroSD card. Furthermore, the recording level is manually adjustable to record with an optimal signal-to-noise ratio depending on the volume of the sound source.

OM System LS-P5

The new Bright Sound mode provides clearer voice recordings, e.g. for vlogging, lectures or meetings. Recording at increased levels in the mid and high ranges allows audio to be recorded while minimizing ambient noise. In addition to Auto and Manual modes, the LS-P5 also features a new Smart mode, which automatically performs a "sound check" when the record button is pressed and held to set the optimal recording level for the environment and sound source. With the help of the 2-second pre-recording mode, spontaneous recording started too late can be avoided.

OM System LS-P5

Power for up to 37 hours of operation comes from two AAA NiMh batteries that can be recharged via USB. Parallel operation and charging of batteries with the power supply is also supported. The LS-P5 offers a number of built-in functions for editing recordings without the need to use a computer, such as a normalization function to increase volume while maintaining quality and avoiding distortion, or the ability to cut audio recordings or add fade-ins and fade-outs to them.

The LS-P5 has a ¼-inch screw thread for mounting to a camera (via a hot shoe adapter) or microphone stand. In composite USB audio mode, the recorder can also be used as a USB microphone or speaker for streaming or virtual online meetings, for example.

OM System LS-P5

The main features of the LS-P5.
- Powerful TRESMIC II technology with three microphones for a natural sound experience
- Enhanced directionality with 21 adjustable levels from wide to narrow
- Microphone sound pressure level (SPL) of up to 125 dB
- Multiple recording formats: PCM (44.1/48/88.2/96 kHz, 16/24-bit, mono/stereo), FLAC (same as PCM) and MP3 (up to 320 kps)
- Integrated sound monitoring via Bluetooth headphones (up to 10 m)
- Smartphone app control for remote recording (up to 10m)
- Improved 3.5mm headphone output, microphone input and line-in jack
- Multiple recording modes: Auto, Manual and Smart
- Rattle sound and test sound
- 16 GB built-in memory and MicroSD XC I slot (up to
2 TB)
- Up to 37 hours of battery life with the included
rechargeable batteries
- Composite USB microphone mode
- Dimensions: 39.6 x 112.2 x
16.1 mm.
- Weight: 78 g (including batteries)

OM System LS-P5

The OM System LS-P5 will be available from mid-September 2022 at a price of 219 Euro, the LS-P5 Videographer Kit incl. windscreen, hot shoe adapter and 3.5mm audio cable costs 239 Euro.

Link more infos at bei shop.olympus.eu

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deutsche Version dieser Seite: OM System LS-P5: kompakter intelligenter Audiorecorder für Filmemacher

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