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Open Source AV1 vs vs H.264 H.265: is the video codec of the future royalty free?

[09:20 wed,21.December 2016   by ]    

Despite its predecessor the H.264 by superior quality - by investigations of the BBC&s HEVC up to 50% better than H.264 - may be the new HEVC / H.265 video codec not completely penetrated, which may be because the two patent pools require license fees for its implementation and long even the risk that even Nutzungsgebuehren of 0.5% of revenue should be collected from content providers. But a good had the argument about the - still quite expensive and complicated - HEVC / H.265 licenses: she was the reason for several large companies such as Google, among other things, Adobe, Amazon, AMD, ARM, BBC, Cisco,Microsoft, Mozilla, Netflix, NVIDIA, Amazon and Intel to develop together in the Alliance for Open Media an open source and royalty-free new video codec of similar quality. In Aomedia AV1 codec knowledge from Google VP9 (or the advancement VP10), Xiph.org/Mozillas Daala and Cisco Thor codecs flows together. Target is a codec that compresses approximately 25% better than HEVC / H.265. PIC 1: AV1 vs H.264 Golem has the current and almost final version of VAV1 codecs www.golem.de/news/freier-videocodec-av1-was-der-vp9-nachfolger-leisten- can-1612-125121.html (closer looked at) and this. with the H.264 and H.265 codec compared in terms of quality and efficiency The linked article video examples and comparative stills speak for themselves: AV1 is thereequal in terms of quality with H.265, sometimes even better. However, the results of the tests Golem not quite perfect aussagekraeftig for all kinds of usage scenarios and thus provide with a large caveat, as an animated film was used as a basis. In real imagery myself the results are different. Rear is the AV1 codec even in matters Encodinggeschwindigkeit, but not is wonderful given the focus on the Encodingqualitaet and for many years of optimization of various H.264 / H.265 codec implementations. The influence of the grouping of companies by the Alliance for Open Media should be assertive enough to him on the part of software and hardware support (fuers encoding / decoding) and in sufficient good quality of VP9 codecssuitably encoded content (YouTube!) to give a big show - the part of the company is in any case sufficient interest for the increasingly important video content from any licensors to be addictive and thus save using a new codec grade when using 4K data bandwidth and money , This is also true for other companies: when at the forthcoming codec change for 4K (and HDR) is a royalty-free alternative to HEVC / H.265 ready, which is wide of software (such as browsers) and hardware supported, should have AV1 best opportunities , the video codec of the future to be. And important also for the for many other video programs Open Source projects for encoding and decoding video codecs were probably happy to use a their own open model appropriate codec

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Link more infos at bei www.golem.de

deutsche Version dieser Seite: Open Source AV1 vs H.264 vs H.265: ist der Videocodec der Zukunft lizenzfrei?


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deutsche Version dieser Seite: Open Source AV1 vs H.264 vs H.265: ist der Videocodec der Zukunft lizenzfrei?

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