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Panasonic GH5 from March for 1,999 Euros // CES 2017

Panasonic GH5 from March for 1,999 Euros // CES 2017

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And the price is actually the smallest surprise, because Panasonic has a lot of new features crammed into GH5 which was just officially unveiled at CES 2017th Consider first of all, however, both confirmed features that were suspected in advance, or have been leaked: The Panasonic GH5 will own a mobile 20 megapixel MFT sensor, which allows even a double stabilization with appropriate lenses (Sensor + lens = DUAL IS) , The sensor does not have a low-pass filter and generates its 4K signal by downsampling the full sensor dissolution. It is therefore assumed that a very good 4K debayering-quality, which can be used up to 4K / 60p. PIC 1: The Panasonic GH5 The 6K-Fotomous will work with up to 30fps. Here, image sequenceswith 6000 x 3000 pixels generated from which subsequently 4: 3 or 3: 2 can be picked images. A new 4K Photo mode allows even 60fps. Post Focus and Focus Stacking are also included. The readout time of the sensor is opposite the GH4 (approximately 22ms) considerably reduced to about 15 ms, which the Rolling ShutterShutter im Glossar erklärt behavior of GH5 now heaves in the league real cine cameras. In 4K / 6K-photo mode, the camera can even expect out selbststaendig curved rolling shutter artifacts. The GH5 is characterized by the way in the 6K-Photo mode on already in H.265 / HEVC. However, the remaining 4K modes still use the classic H.264. In 4K slow motion does not go beyond about the 60p in FullHDFullHD im Glossar erklärt but there are now up to 180fps. In 4K 50 / 60p, the internal recording is only 8-bit 4: 0 be possible IBP with up to 150 Mbit until 4K: 21dispense recording completely if we interpret the documents shown us properly. In cooperation with Atomos recorders the GH5 is by wearing timecode also via HDMIHDMI im Glossar erklärt, and can be about Rec Control started and stopped. PIC 2: About HDMIHDMI im Glossar erklärt can Atomos-Recorder control the GH5 and timecode received The robust magnesium Gehaeuse is dust and spritzwassergeschuetzt and should allow easy use in harsh environments even in gets very cold. Guaranteed is officially the use up to -10 degrees. The two existing SD slots are UHSII compatible and allow the typical application scenarios of backup to the seamless Daueraufzeichung on several cards. The recording time of GH5 is not limited artificially to 30 minutes. The HDMIHDMI im Glossar erklärt connector is the way, the type A, so has thefull-size HDMI. For this purpose an HDMIHDMI im Glossar erklärt cable holder is not included, which is to prevent accidental unplugging and any scratching of the bush. PIC 3: The HDMIHDMI im Glossar erklärt connector is Type A and provides additional strain relief. The OLED viewfinder should put up with the advertised 3.7 megapixels a new Schaerferekord. The fold-out 3.2-inch touch display is likely to hand seem significantly less sharp with 1.620k but is also sharper than the display of GH4. PIC4: The touch display of Panasonic GH5 is foldable A new debayering algorithm should provide for a less visible edges steepening during sharpening. The NoiseNoise im Glossar erklärt Reduction is now inconspicuous go to work, what to bring visible benefits, especially at high ISO speeds. Autofocus is through realObject Entfernungsschaetzung and spacious Sensor Readout again work much faster and objects more reliably track than previously. In addition, the number of AF points have been raised to the 225th Not least, the responsiveness of the autofocus to be individually configured. The menu-design of GH5 was cleaned up and dispensed with 3D buttons which find more menu items fit on one page. The CINELIKE image profiles are supplied, V-Log, however, must again be nachlizensiert separately and with costs. For the first time there is also a View Assist feature that enables LUT equalization in the camera preview. With the summer update also another hybrid Log gamma function for 4K HDR needs to be delivered. And finally, now is possible even manuallySetting the KneeKnee im Glossar erklärt function in the camera, so you can also control the highlight rolloff. Joyfully we greet the now integrated Focus Transition functionality. This can be in the camera three focus points define and then automatically "exit" in the recording. The now integrated waveform monitor is likely to be equally important in the exposure for many users. In cameras this price range such tools were previously scarce. The optional 2-channel XLRXLR im Glossar erklärt module provides not only for the official audio connectors, but may in the camera then the sound with 96kHz / 24bit record in a MOV container. A price for the XLRXLR im Glossar erklärt module has not yet been announced. Pic5: With the XLRXLR im Glossar erklärt Zubehoeradapter the GH5 can even record 96kHz / 24bit signals. It looks likewill once again be a solid workhorse the GH5. In March 2017, the GH5 should be flaechendeckend for 2000 euros verfuegbar. The kit with the new 12-60mm stabilized Leica lens to be estimated about 2600 euros. We had opportunity to try out in a hands-on for a day, a beta version of GH5. Our experience whatâ her www.slashcam.de/artikel/Test/Hands-On--Panasonic-GH5-mit-internem-10-Bit-4K--5-Achsen-Bildstabi-uvm- in a separate article .html (HANDS ON: PANASONIC GH5 WITH INTERNAL 10 BIT 4K, 5-AXES DIS UVM) read. And there are already video product from Panasonic seen online: VY = 2w7T2g8cZWs u003cimg src=

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Panasonic GH5im Vergleich mit:

Strassenpreis: 1599 €
Markteinführung: März 2017
Micro Four Thirds
Mount: Micro Four Thirds

Platz 1 DSLR/DSLM Bestenliste
Panasonic GH5s
Strassenpreis: 2258 €
Sensorgrößen-Klasse: Micro Four Thirds
Sony A7R II
Strassenpreis: 2699 €
Kleinbild-Vollformat, FX

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deutsche Version dieser Seite: Panasonic GH5 ab März für 1999 Euro // CES 2017

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