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Panasonic VariCam LT 5.5 update with 240p Raw Output and much more

Panasonic VariCam LT 5.5 update with 240p Raw Output and much more

[11:04 fri,23.June 2017   by ]    

With the 5.5 firmware update, the VariCam LT comes with a whole host of new features. To the most important may be the new RAW output via SDISDI im Glossar erklärt, which now with max. 2K (Crop) / 10 bit up to 240 fps is allowed. In our extensive VariCam LT test we had seen in the changeover times when changing Frameraten and system frequencies still some optimization potential with the LT. Nice to see that Panasonic has also worked on it. PIC1 With the new firmware the switching on / off of the camera via the On / Off button. For this, a restart function was integrated on the control panel, which should save some time. We had in this connection synonymous with Panasonic engineers at this year&s NAB entertained and asked ifAlso a switching without reboot would be technically possible. The answer was no, so the restart function can be viewed as the maximum of time-saving here. Also in the 5.5 firmware of the VariCam LT is now a REC Check function integrated, which can be placed on a user button and with the choice of the first or the last 5 Sec. Of the last recorded clip can be controlled. And also the popular Canon Bread and Butter Optics EF24-105mm F4L IS USM is now in the list of supported lenses. PIC2 And not to forget: The VariCam simulators on the Panasonic sides were also updated to the new firmware accordingly. The complete list of new features of the VariCam LT update as well

Panasonic VariCam LTim Vergleich mit:

Strassenpreis: 28560 €
Markteinführung: Mai 2016
Super35 / APS-C
Mount: EF-Mount (aktiv)/PL-Mount

Platz 5 Wechseloptik-Camcorder / Cinema Kamera Bestenliste
Panasonic AU-EVA1
Strassenpreis: 7882 €
Sensorgrößen-Klasse: Super35 / APS-C
Canon EOS C300 Mark II
Strassenpreis: 10149 €
Super35 / APS-C


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