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Panavision: Primo X, PanaSpeed and Ultra Vista lenses, LC-ND filters and DXL-RED extension

Panavision: Primo X, PanaSpeed and Ultra Vista lenses, LC-ND filters and DXL-RED extension

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The Cine Gear Expo on June 1 and 2 in the studios of Paramount in Los Angeles is something like an in-house exhibition for the filmmakers in Hollywood. So it&s not surprising that Panavision primarily uses this date to present new products on the big stage. In addition to the now final Millennium DXL2 8K large format camera, new large format lenses, ND filters and a DXL-inspired accessory kit for RED DSMC2 cameras were presented.

New in DXL2 is version 1.0 of a directly editable (D2E) workflow. D2E gives DIT wireless LUT and CDL look control and records all color metadata in proxy files for render-free dailies. The DXL2 can now be rented worldwide and contains an updated color profile, Light Iron Color 2 (LiColor2). This latest color science is supposed to be even more cinematic and less digital.

Primo X is a series of cinema lenses designed specifically for use with drones. The models are completely sealed, weatherproof and aerodynamically balanced. The lenses come as two fixed focal lengths 14mm (T3.1) and 24mm (T1.6), as well as a 24-70mm zoom (T2.8). However, these are not expected to be available until 2019.

Panvision Primo X

The H-Series is a traditionally designed ball lens set with a glamorous, rounded, soft highlight rolloff, which should give the skin a pleasant sound quality. These lenses should be made with real vintage glass and traditional coating. They should offer slightly increased black values for a soft contrast with a rich bokeh.

PanaSpeed, on the other hand, complains about the large-format update of the classic Primo look. With T1.4, PanaSpeed will be the fastest large format lens on the market, according to Panavision. Let&s see if this will still apply when it is released in Q3 2018.

Ultra Vista is a series of large-format anamorphic optics. With a custom 1.6x Squeeze, Ultra Vista covers the full height of the 8K sensor in the DXL/DXL2 and offers an extremely wide aspect ratio of 2.76:1 along with the classic elliptical bokeh and typical horizontal flare. The Ultra Vista anamorphic lenses are not expected to be available until 2019. .

Panavision is also launching its own vario-ND filter based on liquid crystal. This allows infinitely variable ND filter values to be set, whereby the filter costs at least a third of the aperture light. However, this LCND filter will also need to be ready for the market until 2019.


The most interesting product is the DXL-M extension for RED cameras. Even the large DXL cameras use RED sensors. But instead of constructing a competitor model to the Arri Alexa Mini (and thus ultimately a direct competitor to the RED models), Panavision offers a hardware expansion with the DXL-M, which extends DSMC2 bodies from RED to a mini DXL camera, which is still relatively portable at around 3.5 kg. With this extension all DSMC2 cameras get
Genlock, time code, 14V and 24V outputs, 2x SDISDI im Glossar erklärt, HDMIHDMI im Glossar erklärt, Gigabit Ethernet and USB connections through a digital camera back.

The familiar DXL menu system for the iPhone, LiColor2, motorized lenses, wireless time code (ACN) and a connection option for the Primo HDR viewfinder with 600 Nits are also available. Whether this DXL-M extension will only be available via rental or can also be purchased, will be known in the fourth quarter 2018 at the latest, when the DXL-M extension for RED cameras should be ready.

Panavision DXL-M

Link more infos at bei www.panavision.com

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deutsche Version dieser Seite: Panavision: Primo X-, PanaSpeed- und Ultra Vista-Objektive, LC-ND-Filter sowie DXL- RED-Erweiterung

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