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Power Junkie v2: All in one - charger, powerbank and camera battery

Power Junkie v2: All in one - charger, powerbank and camera battery

[10:46 Tue,31.January 2023   by ]    

Blind Spot Gear has launched a crowdfunding campaign via Kickstarter for a new version of its universal power solution Power Junkie. Like the first version, which was released around four years ago, the Power Junkie v2 is aimed specifically at filmmakers and their needs and combines the functionality of a charger, a power bank and a camera battery in one device. Thus, the Power Junkie v2 can power a camera including 12V and 9V accessories such as an on-camera monitor or a video radio link by means of a Sony NP-F battery and also charge it.

Power Junkie v2 with NP-F battery on camera

Sony NP-F batteries have the advantage of being widely available, relatively cheap, and available in a wide range of capacities from a variety of manufacturers. So it makes a lot of sense to use them as a universal battery for all your film equipment - especially since it is very likely that you as a filmmaker already own NP-F batteries.

Blind Spot Gear has used Userfedback to make some improvements over the previous version. For example, the Power Junkie now has a new control button that can be used to switch the unit on and off and also to deactivate the indicator lights, for example in low-light shooting situations when the lights would be distracting. In addition, the Power Junkie v2 now masters USB Power Delivery (PD) with a power of up to 100 W via its USB-C port. Since USB-C has now established itself as the new standard for powering mobile devices and will also be used, for example, by the next generation of iPhones, it can be used to supply power to a wide range of small electronic devices, from smartphones and cameras to notebooks.

Power Junkie v2 with NP-F battery pack

The Power Junkie v2 has a total of three interfaces for powering external devices: a 12 V and an 8.4 V DC output as well as a USB-C port that can supply a voltage of up to 20 V at 1.1 A via Power Delivery (PD). It is thus intended to serve filmmakers as a universal power supply solution and replace the otherwise often necessary jumble of batteries, cables, adapters and chargers for a mobile shoot. In addition, the Power Junkie v2 can act as an NP-F battery charger via USB-C PD, charging an NPF550 battery to 80% in 60 minutes (or quickly in 10 minutes for 50 minutes of operation). Camera can be connected and powered either via USB-C or via an (optional) dummy battery. Blind Spot Gear offers a variety of matching dummy battery adapters, for example for Sony NP-FZ100, Sony NP-F, Fuji W126, Canon LP-E17 priced at -30.

Power Junkie v2 Functionality

Via standard 1/4″-20 thread, the Power Junkie can be attached to a rig - but it also comes with a cable tie loop device that offers even more mounting options. In addition to cameras and accessories, other devices such as LED lights, mobile monitors, Blackmagic ATEM Switcher or others can also be powered.

Power Junkie v2

The Power Junkie v2 costs around 60 dollars in the Early Bird offer and 65 dollars otherwise, the 3-pack 145 dollars - delivery is scheduled for March 2023. Of course, our warning against crowdfunding campaigns also applies here, but after all, Blind Spot Gear has already successfully completed several funding campaigns and the first version of the Power Junkie has been on the market for a long time.

Link more infos at bei www.kickstarter.com

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deutsche Version dieser Seite: Power Junkie v2: Alles in Einem - Ladegerät, Powerbank und Kamera-Akku

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