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Q3 with 8K video recording, phase autofocus, LOG and ProRes recording unveiled

Q3 with 8K video recording, phase autofocus, LOG and ProRes recording unveiled

[12:41 Fri,26.May 2023   by ]    

With the Leica Q3, Leica introduces the latest model in its high-end/luxury full-frame Q series. The Leica Q cameras are similar to the classic Leica M system, but instead of an interchangeable lens system they offer a fixed built-in lens: the Summilux 1:1.7/28 mm ASPH. lens with integrated macro mode. This is accompanied by the option for an AF system, which has undergone an exciting - because video-relevant - update in the Leica Q3: A hybrid phase AF system. But first things first.


The central update of the Leica Q3 consists of a BSI sensor now with 62.39 MP/60.3 MP (total/effective) resolution and the Maestro IV processor (previously 50.4 / 47.3 MP), which should work in a similar form in the Leica M11 and the Sony a7RV. The higher pixel count now also allows for more crop modes when shooting photos, which means the M3 now provides - in focal lengths spoken 35, 50, 75 and 90mm crops - and translated into MP: 39, 19, 8 and 6 MP.


However, what we find most exciting are the new video features added to the Leica Q3: first and foremost might be the new 8K video resolution, which is available in a C8K variant (8192x4320) pixels in 10-bit 4:2:0 H.265 Long-Gop (300 Mbit/s) max 30p. Here is an overview of the video resolutions of the Leica Q3


If you want to record with 10 Bit 4:2:2 50p at 600 Mbit/s (All-I), you can do so in max C4K (4096x2160
pixels) - also on an internal SD card. ProRes 422 HQ, on the other hand, is only available on the Leica Q3 for HD resolutions - but then also at 50/60p.

In the video context, the hybrid phase autofocus, which is being used for the first time in the Leica Q series, is also an eye-catcher. It works with a combination of contrast measurement, depth map and phase comparison measurement with AF measuring points in the sensor. How well this works in video mode can hardly be judged at the moment - we are curious about the first tests.

Leica Q3 display

But before video-savvy users get too excited, here are the caveats: 8K and 4K formats are associated with a sensor crop. If you want to read out the entire sensor, you have to switch to HD. And there doesn&t seem to be a micro-input on the Q3.

Nevertheless, the new Leica Q3 should be fun - also for video recording - if you can afford it. Because the price has also been updated.

The Leica Q3 is to be available immediately worldwide in all Leica Stores, in the Leica Online Store and from specialist retailers.
The recommended retail price is 5,950 euros including VAT.

Link more infos at bei leica-camera.com

deutsche Version dieser Seite: Leica Q3 mit 8K Videoaufnahme, Phasen-Autofokus, LOG und ProRes-Aufnahme vorgestellt


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deutsche Version dieser Seite: Leica Q3 mit 8K Videoaufnahme, Phasen-Autofokus, LOG und ProRes-Aufnahme vorgestellt

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