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RØDE Wireless Go II: compact solution for 2-channel wireless video sound with two transmitters

RØDE Wireless Go II: compact solution for 2-channel wireless video sound with two transmitters

[13:15 fri,26.February 2021   by ]    

RØDE has released the new compact wireless microphone system "Wireless GO II", which features two transmitter modules and a 2-channel receiver, making it suitable for interviews or other occasions where two sound sources need to be recorded simultaneously and separately.

As with the single-channel model Wireless GO presented at NAB 2019, the 4x4 cm transmitter modules already have a miniature omnidirectional condenser microphone built in and, thanks to a 3.5 mm mini-jack input (TRS), also offer the option of connecting an external microphone such as a lavalier or the like and using the module as a pure belt transmitter. This is because a small condenser capsule is built into the transmitter, so an additional microphone is not necessarily needed.

RØDE Wireless Go II

The small receiver has a small status indicator and is either slid onto the camera's accessory shoe or attached to a strap or similar via a clip fastener. The sound is transmitted to the recording device of choice (camera, recorder, etc.) via a mini-jack output and, if necessary, an adapter. The audio level can be roughly adjusted (0dB, -6dB, -12dB). Alternatively, the USB-C port of the receiver can be used to output the audio signal digitally. It is automatically recognized and integrated by current computers as well as Android and iOS devices. You can also set whether the signals from the two transmitters are output separately (TX1 left/TX2 right) or in mono - in this case, the signals from TX1 and TX2 are combined and recorded identically on both the left and right channels.

Recording function.
The transmitters are equipped with an on-board recording function and can automatically record up to 24 hours of audio after startup, which can be used as a backup, optionally with Safety Channel, on which the recording is then 20 dB quieter. The internal battery lasts for about 7 hours of operation - it is charged via USB-C.

RØDE Wireless Go II

The Wireless GO II's transmitter and receiver weigh just 30g and 32g respectively, and measure approximately 44mm x 45.3mm x 18.3mm. Within three seconds, they should be connected to each other. The wireless range is theoretically up to 200m, but is optimized for closer connections. The transmission takes place in the 2.4GHz frequency range with 128-bit encryption, therefore even in environments with a lot of radio competition (WLAN / Bluetooth) a flawless operation should be guaranteed.

Scope of delivery, availability and price
The system comes with three fur windshields (one as a spare), three USB-C to USB-A cables, a short 3.5mm TRS cable, and a neoprene carrying case. Wireless GO II is available now, with a recommended retail price of 329 euros. For better future-proofing, the firmware of the Wireless GO II can be updated via USB.

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deutsche Version dieser Seite: RØDE Wireless Go II: kompakte Lösung für drahtlosen 2-Kanal Videoton mit zwei Sendern

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