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RØDECaster Pro firmware update 2.1.2 brings MIDI support and new soundpad modes

RØDECaster Pro firmware update 2.1.2 brings MIDI support and new soundpad modes

[13:22 wed,7.July 2021   by ]    

RØDE, after a beta period, has now released the new final firmware version 2.1.2 for its 4-channel all-in-one audio production tool for podcasters RØDECaster Pro, which brings some new handy features such as MIDI support, new soundpad modes, and the ability to change the language in the companion app and RØDECaster Pro.

RØDECaster Pro

MIDI support

RØDECaster Pro can now be used as a USB MIDI controller, opening up a wide range of creative possibilities for podcasting and streaming, including DAW sync for multi-track recordings, controlling faders in the DAW or switching between different scenes or cameras in the streaming software, and more. Here more about MIDI control via RØDECaster Pro.

New soundpad modes

In addition to the existing "Latch," "Pause," "Replay," "Play," and "Loop" modes, two new soundpad modes have been added - a "Swear Button" for muting audio on the fly, and a "Trash Talk" mode for muting output to remote callers on the USB, smartphone, and Bluetooth channels.

ASIO driver for Windows

The update also includes an ASIO driver to ensure a stable connection when using RØDECaster Pro with DAWs such as Cubase and Adobe Audition on Windows computers. This can be downloaded separately from the RØDECaster Pro firmware page.

New language options

RØDECaster Pro now offers a choice of languages for the LED touchscreen display, including Chinese, Spanish, German, Italian, French, Japanese and Korean.

PDFs linked at this page explain how to implement the MIDI functionality of the beta firmware with different DAW or streaming software such as Logic, Reaper or OBS on PCs and Macs.

RØDECaster Pro

RØDECaster Pro

The RODECaster Pro is an all-in-one audio production tool for podcasts whose recordings can be recorded either to micro SD cards or via USB to an external computer. Via 4 XLRXLR im Glossar erklärt inputs, 4 audio channels are available for recording with auto ducking on the 1 (for dynamic or condenser microphones), each of which also has a dedicated headphone out assigned for the participants. With auto ducking on 1, the guests' mic levels are automatically lowered as soon as the presenter speaks on 1.

Also important for podcasters: Via Blutooth or TRRS jack, remote interlocutors can be integrated via cell phone incl. "Mix-minus" function (against echo). With the 8 freely assignable trigger pads in different colors, sound effects, advertising, music, etc. can be called up.

deutsche Version dieser Seite: RØDECaster Pro Firmware-Update 2.1.2 bringt MIDI-Support und neue Soundpad-Modi


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deutsche Version dieser Seite: RØDECaster Pro Firmware-Update 2.1.2 bringt MIDI-Support und neue Soundpad-Modi

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