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RED Hydrogen ONE Houdini is here - and information about special H4V cameras

RED Hydrogen ONE Houdini is here - and information about special H4V cameras

[15:51 mon,3.September 2018   by ]    

After several delays, RED has finally made it: since August 31st, RED delivers the special Houdini pre-version of its holographic smartphone RED Hydrogen One to pre-orderers. As announced, CEO Jim Jannard was personally present at the RED Studios to hand over their RED "Houdini" Hydrogen One to the pre-orderers and to demonstrate the camera app and RED Player app.

The "Houdini" is a beta version of the RED Hydrogen One, whose users should report bugs to RED - the software is still under development. Through ongoing firmware and software updates it will then gradually correspond to the functions of the official version at its launch.

Jim, Jannard handing over a RED Hydrogen One Houdini

The Houdini event also provided new information about Hydrogen One camera modules (which can be changed via the pin system), the H4V ecosystem and future development. In the next few months a 2D Cinema Module will be released with a resolution of 5K+ and will use a REDCODE RAW LITE codec for recording. It should also have its own exchangeable battery and be able to use ALL existing lenses via different mount adapters.

The camera app is under constant development - the next features are a RAW photo format as well as a special H4V Bokeh mode and editing possibilities in the RED Player app.

Jim Jannard has also made it clear that these are only the beginnings of a whole H4V Ecosystem, that around the holographic H4V format after the Hydrogen One also further devices for high-quality recording and reproduction of Holo images are to come onto the market. The Hydrogen One already has its own marketplace app with which special H4V apps and games can be purchased.

Also presented was the prototype of a special H4V 4K camera, which weighs around 3kg and takes holographic images in 4K at up to 60fps in the close range of less than 4 meters. It owes its special appearance to the fact that it records 3D/H4V via a mirror, i.e. the incident light is divided by a semi-transparent mirror attachment and directed to the two different cameras.

Another H4V camera (in side-by-side mode) should be responsible for taking pictures at greater distances. Both cameras will have zoom lenses and are likely to use the Hydrogen One as a preview monitor - and they should be relatively affordable.

Prototypes of a RED H4V Camera

A first unboxing video by Marques Brownlee with first impressions of Hydrogen One already has over 1.7 million views, so the interest seems to be high. As to be expected, the 3D impression is not to be conveyed via normal video, but only to be described. According to Brownlee, the Holo effect will be more or less visible depending on the material shown - according to him it will be a challenge to produce really good H4V content.

He has already published some photos made with the Houdini on Twitter. However, CEO Jannard has forbidden all Houdini owners to publish real tests, bad images or negative comments under the threat of bricking the device remotely.

His reasoning: "Houdini" is still a prototype whose errors are to be reported to RED and not published so that they can be improved. According to RED, real reviews will only be available after the official sales launch.

Bild zur Newsmeldung:

Link more infos at bei h4vuser.net

deutsche Version dieser Seite: RED Hydrogen ONE Houdini ist da - Infos zu speziellen RED H4V-Kameras // IBC 2018


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deutsche Version dieser Seite: RED Hydrogen ONE Houdini ist da - Infos zu speziellen RED H4V-Kameras // IBC 2018

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