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RED Komodo: First models are delivered and first footage on the net

RED Komodo: First models are delivered and first footage on the net

[11:26 thu,11.June 2020   by ]    

RED had recently announced the delivery of multicoloured pre-release versions of its new compact Super 35 6K Komodo camera, now several of the lucky (RED&s chosen) buyers - including cameramen Phil Holland, Philip Grossman and Tim Daust - have published their first test clips on the net - including a comparison of the RED Komodo with the RED Helium. However, the used firmware 1.0.0. is not yet final, but only the release candidate 3, only the black production models come with the final 1.0.0 firmware.

Phil Hollands RED Komodo rigged

RED Komodo Q&A
Extremely informative (and long!) is the recording of an approximately 6-hour live stream in the form of a Q&A from RED&s Jarred Land with some of the new owners (Phil Holland, Scott Balkum, Philip Grossman, Jason Diamond, Tim Daust and Curtis Boggs )- the following questions are answered among others What is the native ISO? What is the antenna for? How good is the autofocus? How strong is the aliasing? How does the RED Komodo relate to the Alexa Mini? ...

The cameraman Phil Holland has not only uploaded a demo clip including color plates to YouTube, but also offers a cutout of it in the R3D original to Download (2.5GB), alternatively you can simply download some snapshots from there (80 MB). Here more about his setup and reports also about his first experiences with the Komodo.

RED Komodo Demo Footage Clips

Phil Holland:

Tim Daust:

Philip Grossman:

Tim Daust has put a menu walkthrough online for all interested parties:

Remote control via RED Control App

RED&s Jarred Land on Instagram has also released a video demonstrating the possibilities of wireless remote control of the RED Komodo using the RED Control App.

RED Komodo Remote Control via RED Control App

Land also gives advice to owners of the RED Komodo, which CFast 2.0 cards are suitable for the Komodo: all 256/512 GB top models from Angelbird, Sony, Sandisk and Prograde should work - as smaller capacities often correspond to lower speeds, the use of these models is less safe.

RED Komodo technical data

Here again as a reminder the known specifications of the RED Komodo:

- 6K resolution at Full Sensor Readout with 40 fps, 6K widescreen with 50 fps, 4K with 24-60 fps
- global shutter
- Recording on CFast 2.0 memory cards
- R3D with REDCODE RAW Code
- Super 35 Sensor
- Canon R/RF Mount
- 12G SDISDI im Glossar erklärt Out
- PDAF (Phase Detection Autofocus)
- color touch screen for the GUI
- compact construction: 10x10x10cm cube shape, round 1kg weight
- Dual Canon BP-925 / BP-970G batteries
- Remote control via smartphone (but without video monitoring)
- Caveats: no 6K with 50/60 fps, maximum 60 fps, no HDMI/XLR and external monitor required

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deutsche Version dieser Seite: RED Komodo: Erste Modelle sind ausgeliefert und erste Footage im Netz

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