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RED Komodo 6K camera will cost ,000

RED Komodo 6K camera will cost ,000

[12:26 mon,18.May 2020   by ]    

For the first time RED has published information about the price and release date of RED Komodo. So the normal (black) RED Komodo will cost 6.000 dollars and the special white "Stormtrooper" version will cost 7.000 dollars. Originally a lower price was planned (last year it was said to be 5,000 dollars), but due to the Corona crisis the production costs were increased significantly.

But first there will be more special versions in different "crazy" colors, also for 7,000 dollars. RED President Jarred Land writes on Instagram that these models will be delivered in limited quantities ("...a handful per week...") to some selected customers/friends/applicants in 2 weeks.

RED Komodo Stormtrooper Edition

So the production of the RED Komodo has started again after a break, but due to the new safety protocols it only runs slowly restarted - so it will still take some time until Komodos can be delivered worldwide in sufficient quantities. For the time being interested buyers can only contact Jarred Land by email and hope to get one of the few first models.

The full specifications of the RED Komodo are still not published, but through various small individual releases (aka teasers) most technical specifications are now clear:

- 6K resolution at Full Sensor Readout with 40 fps, 6K widescreen with 50 fps, 4K with 24-60 fps
- global shutter
- Recording on CFast 2.0 memory cards
- R3D with REDCODE RAW Code
- Super 35 Sensor
- Canon R/RF Mount
- 12G SDISDI im Glossar erklärt Out
- PDAF (Phase Detection Autofocus)
- color touch screen for the GUI
- compact construction: 10x10x10cm cube shape, round 1kg weight
- Dual Canon BP-925 / BP-970G batteries
- Remote control via smartphone (but without video monitoring)
- Caveats: no 6K with 50/60 fps, maximum 60 fps, no HDMI/XLR and external monitor required

As announced earlier, there is a special discount for owners of the RED Hydrogen 3-D smartphone, whose production and development has been stopped in the meantime, for the purchase of a (regular) RED Komodo - but this will only be released when the first Komodos can be ordered.


The RED Komodo is definitely an interesting camera: a large 6K S35 sensor with global shutter and recording on CFast (instead of the extremely expensive RED Mags). However, a Pocket Cinema 6K camera from Blackmagic (including display, double slot and XLRXLR im Glossar erklärt input) with comparable hardware features costs only half as much - and other cameras with a 6K S35 sensor such as the Z-Cam E2 S6, Panasonic S1H, Kinefinity Mavo 6K or Canon 1DX Mark III are strong - and sometimes cheaper - competitors. Here the Blackmagic Design Pocket Cinema Camera 6K, Panasonic S1H and Kinefinity Terra 6K in comparison in our 4K camera database.

deutsche Version dieser Seite: RED Komodo 6K Kamera wird 6.000 Dollar kosten - Auslieferung startet demnächst


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deutsche Version dieser Seite: RED Komodo 6K Kamera wird 6.000 Dollar kosten - Auslieferung startet demnächst

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