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RED's Hydrogen One holo smartphone in the first hands-on

RED's Hydrogen One holo smartphone in the first hands-on

[11:12 mon,7.August 2017   by ]    

RED has announced a number of prototypes for the early next year, RED Hydrogen One Holographic smartphones for the first time. The Tech Video Blogger Marques Brownlee and Cameraman Phil Holland had the opportunity to look at the model and to report on it at the invitation of Jim Jannard. However, the prototypes of the Hydrogen One may not yet be shown in action, so we depend on the descriptions of the testers (the holo display does not seem to work quite flawless yet). The design of the 5.7 "big RED Hydrogen One is completely different from the minimal design of current smartphones - a huge camera lens sits on the back and grips on theSide-streamers give it more the look of a camcorder than a mobile phone. PIC1: RED Hydrogen One in Size Comparison The Hydrogen One has several physical buttons: a power button with fingerprint scanner as well as two knobs for the volume and a separate button for the recording of video and photos. The lens is called "Super Triplet 28mm F4" - read more here , Phil Holland was able to watch both Holographic H4V video and game content - his visual impact is very positive: the content seems to jump out of the screen as well as behind it - but there is no holographic effect of 3D objects in the room But you have toThe display. The 3D effect is, however, much better than that of previous autostereoscopic, lenticular displays. Holland has also seen how new H4V content is produced, but he can not say anything but it works more easily than expected. He also sees a great potential for the application of H4V in games or apps. It is unclear, however, why RED designates the display as holographic, because Holland has to look at the display to get a 3D impression before and behind the Dispay - so there is no 3D object in the room like the famous hologram of Princess Leia In Star Wars. PIC2: RED Hydrogen One with special camera module RED&s marketing strategy seems to target the curtain in front of the RED Hydrogen One just piece by pieceTo raise the expectations of the (potential) buyers without disappointing them (by not yet functioning, missing or deficient functionalities). Here the impressions of Tech-Vlogger Marques Brownlee, who had three different, functioning prototypes: VY = tQzqFbwWPSk Star Trek director JJ Abrams has also been able to admire the prototypes, his commentary: "Ground-breaking, barrier-smashing, Raising and badass. " According to Jannard - "Major world carrier signed to carry HYDROGEN in all stores will announce soon" - it seems Big plans for the sale, which would mean that the Hydrogen One should not only be a niche product or accessory for RED filmmakers. REDHowever, significant production capacities should be available to meet the demand for a telecom company with global operations. Perhaps RED, however, in order to establish H4V really, the format to other companies license. RED is equipping several horses with the Hydrogen ONE: once it is a nice functional addition (mini-display, remote control) for the (small) group of the RED Kamerabesitzer, then the ONE is a modular, high-quality smartphone / camera system And (above all) to establish "holographic" 3D (together with new format) for a mass market, as well as a visual device as a means of production ("Holographic Media Machine"). It is interesting whether RED can satisfy the expectations of all the different customer groups and in which


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