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RED teasert Komodo: is a RED Cine compact camera coming?

RED teasert Komodo: is a RED Cine compact camera coming?

[08:33 tue,30.July 2019   by ]    

In the usual manner RED teasers a new product in its own forum, of which one can only guess what it will be according to the partial information. REDs Jarred Land is cryptic and says first of all what Komodo is not. So Komodo is: no DSMC3; no successor to DSMC2; no 8K full format; does not use Dragon/Helium/Gemini or Monstro sensor; has no XLRXLR im Glossar erklärt or HDMIHDMI im Glossar erklärt port; does not record on proprietary media; is not a module; does not cost under 5000 dollars - unless you own a RED Hydrogen smartphone; has no fixed lens; does not weigh more than 1 kg and is smaller than 10cm in any dimension.

RED Komodo

On two published pictures you can see a lens mount, a mini jack microphone input and a headphone output as well as a small lamp labeled "CFast". First mentioned by Jim Jannard Komodo in his announcement of the Hydrogen Two 3D smartphone. There he spoke in connection with the long announced camera module for the Hydrogen that the project was now taken in hand by RED and a new sensor was developed there for it, which should be much more efficient than the originally planned one and with which RED Hydrogen One and Two should co-operate. The new camera will not replace the large REDs, but it will deliver cinema-quality images at the highest level at lower prices. What is confusing now is that Jarred Land does not explicitly define Komodo as a module in his post.

So what is Komodo? It seems to be a small cine camera like the Z CAM with a new 4 to maximum 6K RED sensor, which takes pictures in cine quality on CFast memory cards, has a 3.5mm micro input and headphone output and - according to the pictures - uses the Canon RF mount for interchangeable lenses. It seems to work in combination with the RED Hydrogen One/Two smartphone, probably the Hydrogen (maybe another smartphone?) works as a display or as a remote control. It costs less than ,000 for Hydrogen owners - if you don&t own one, you&ll have to dig a little deeper into your pocket. However, professional audio in is not planned - the question is how video is output if the cam doesn&t have HDMI? By SDI? Or does the Hydrogen One/Two still play a special role here?

RED Komodo

RED wants to distract in any case now from the alleged discussion around the prices of the RED Mini Mags and the view of the USer on the future (and the use of not proprietary memory avoidance). According to Jarred Land, there are already functioning Komodos that will soon be in limited circulation and use by selected users. Then more information will probably flow. But when the Komodo Cam will be on the market has not yet been announced - which is probably better in view of RED&s infamous product delays and withdrawals.

Link more infos at bei www.reduser.net

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deutsche Version dieser Seite: RED teasert Komodo: Kommt eine RED Cine Kompaktkamera?

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