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Roll - virtual AI ministudio for interviews (iPhone and web)

Roll - virtual AI ministudio for interviews (iPhone and web)

[14:03 Thu,1.June 2023   by ]    

Roll wants to revolutionize the use of smartphones for talking-head videos and remote interviews (as many companies are currently doing) with the help of AI. Currently, there is an iOS app as well as a web app for browsers, with a focus on ease of use.

Roll can not only create two partially automated camera positions from one shot, but also simulate bokeh. The highlight, however, is certainly the virtual slider, dolly and jib movements, which can be used to professionally "spruce up" any clip.

Roll masters virtual camera movements

For all this, the AI exposes the talking characters in front of the camera in a high-quality manner, which should result in professional-looking results:

In addition to these effects, an interview can also be further edited before finalization as well as text-based (!!) editing. Exporting can also be done directly from the app with different aspect ratios for social media.

Roll can also cut videos text-based

For iPhone models with multiple cameras, such as the iPhone 14 Pro, both cameras record simultaneously and send the data to the cloud, where Roll processes the individual camera streams.

By recording so-called "slates", the room is virtually prepared and measured in. For this, a slate requires the person being filmed to walk out of the frame, come back into the frame, say his or her name, count to three and clap. This helps identify different users, analyze audio characteristics, and capture the room for 3D camera movements.

Roll is available now, and the app can be downloaded for free. Users can try the app and use it for a one-time recording of up to two hours with watermark.


The additional "Creator" (/month on an annual basis) and "Pro" (/month on an annual basis) tiers give users additional editing options, more hours of recording, additional effects, and more storage.

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deutsche Version dieser Seite: Roll - virtuelles KI-Ministudio für Interviews (iPhone und Web)

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