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Rumors of Panasonic'amp;s Lumix S1H II (Mk2) - 8K with 60p and ProRes RAW

Rumors of Panasonic'amp;s Lumix S1H II (Mk2) - 8K with 60p and ProRes RAW

[15:11 Thu,16.March 2023   by ]    

bildSimon from the Youtube channel "Ordinary Filmmaker" claims to have received leaked information about an upcoming Panasonic S1H Mark II, which he summarized in a video of his own.

At this point, we&ll take the liberty of quickly summarizing the most important points: for example, the "second" Panasonic S1H is said to once again be equipped with a full-frame sensor, but this time capable of delivering 8K resolutions at up to 60p DCI - which equates to at least 8192 x 4320 pixels. However, the sensor will reportedly be a 50-megapixel model, which makes sense for photographic applications.

The camera is also said to be able to output (up to) 8K RAW via the HDMI interface and record internally to SD or CFexpress cards.

Interestingly, the S1H II is also said to enable external USB recording, including ProRes RAW. The new autofocus system introduced with the Panasonic Lumix S5 II is also said to be in the mix.

So far so good. But all the "leaks" mentioned could actually also be guessed, because they are ultimately only logical development steps of current camera technology. And anything below the current specs of Nikon&s Z9 (which can also shoot at 8K/60p) would be much more of a surprise than these now "leaked" specs here.

What is exciting, though, is the claim that Panasonic plans to unveil the upcoming Lumix S1H II as early as the next two weeks. So still in March. Unfortunately, on the other hand, there was no mention of how much the Lumix S1H Mk2 will cost then. Nikon&s 8K hybrid camera is around 6000 euros and Canon&s cinematic 8K hybrid - the EOS Cinema R5 C - is available for around 4,500 euros.

And so we are of course highly curious to see what price Panasonic will now call for its first 8K hybrid camera. Unless this rumor is a hoax...

Link more infos at bei www.youtube.com

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deutsche Version dieser Seite: Gerüchte zu Panasonics Lumix S1H II (Mk2) - 8K mit 60p und ProRes RAW

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