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Rylo 360° Camera -- shoot first, frame later

Rylo 360° Camera -- shoot first, frame later

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It looks like a simple, tiny 360° camera, but Rylo promises untrained video filmmakers nothing less than that it can be used to create perfect movies in no time at all. As with GoPro Fusion and Insta360, everything is captured in 360° and then the perfect image framing for a "normal" (non-spherical) clip can be selected on the smartphone. All kinds of automatic extras are included like e. g. object tracking or the possibility to touch different objects in the image, whereupon a cutting sequence with these isolated parts of the image appears to be generated automatically by software. A timelapse function is also included.


The Rylo has -- typically in this area -- two small camera modules, whose optics offer an extreme 208° angle of view and a fixed aperture f/2.8. The makers claim to be able to correct the resulting distortions effectively, and the electronic image stabilization is also praised as being well above average. After all, there is a lot of "food" available at the edges of the image, in order to get the corresponding parts of the image without having to zoom into the image. Apart from that, the video material has the typical, strongly compressed look of a simple consumer/smartphone camera, and you can't do much manually on the camera, as it seems.

The 360° video -- which can also be used as such -- is recorded in 4K (30p) and the image sections are played out in FHD. The recording is done on microSD. The Rylo will work with both Apple iPhones and Android devices, but according to The Verge support for the latter is still underway.


Whether many hobby or non- filmmakers will actually go to the trouble of recording everything in 360° first, and then later to view everything and trim it to different image sections, we rather dare to doubt. The Rylo costs .

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deutsche Version dieser Seite: Rylo 360° Kamera -- erst filmen, dann framen

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