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Sachtler presents the fastest fluid head system with the aktiv tripod head series

Sachtler presents the fastest fluid head system with the aktiv tripod head series

[07:02 tue,13.October 2020   by ]    

With the new "active" tripod head series, Sachtler introduces the "world's fastest" fluid head system. The new active system consists of the active fluid head and the active Bowle Connector. The latter replaces the classic threaded locking handle, which was previously located underneath the half-shells. Instead, a SpeedLevel lever on the front of the tripod head (and thus also above the half-shell connector) is used for leveling, locking and quick removal of the tripod head.


The spring-loaded large lever on the front of the active tripod head therefore has three switch positions and functions: In the rest position, the tripod head is locked, when pulled halfway up, the active fluid head can be levelled and when pulled completely up, the active head can be removed from the tripod.


By omitting the thread and corresponding counter handle on the half shell, the new Sachtler heads can be used actively very close to the ground. Especially in combination with the Flowtech tripods, which can be spread out on the floor almost "flat", even deeper viewing angles are possible.

In combination with the active accessory mounts called Adaptor, the active tripod heads can also be mounted on sliders, and the sliders in turn can be quickly mounted on tripods equipped with the active Bowle Connector.


We see the greatest gain in speed of the new active system in the quick change of the tripod head between tripod and slider / Jib etc. Furthermore, the new active tripod head is Sachtler's answer to the question of how to operate SpeedLevel Clamps with the likewise "fast" Flowtech75 tripods. Since Speedclamps can only be used from 100mm half-shells, but the new active fluid heads are mainly offered in 75mm sizes, there is now a correspondingly fast level solution for the 75mm class, including all the "active advantages".

Like their FSBFSB im Glossar erklärt pedants, the active tripod heads will be offered in the sizes active6, active8, active 8T and active10, the latter being designed for 100mm half-shells. We find it remarkable that the active tripod heads hardly seem to have become heavier than the previous FSBs.

The new Sachtler active tripod heads can be pre-ordered now. Prices start at 1.500,- Dollar (Euro prices will be given later). Complete systems including Flowtech tripods will also be offered.

More about Sachtler's fastest active fluid head soon on slashCAM ...

deutsche Version dieser Seite: Sachtler stellt mit aktiv Stativkopfserie das schnellste Fluidkopfsystem vor


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deutsche Version dieser Seite: Sachtler stellt mit aktiv Stativkopfserie das schnellste Fluidkopfsystem vor

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