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Samsung entwickelt echtes holographisches Display für Smartphones

Samsung entwickelt echtes holographisches Display für Smartphones

[12:54 mon,31.December 2018   by ]    

Smartphones are becoming technically more and more similar and so the manufacturers are always looking for a new feature that makes their product different and better than the other smartphones. Samsung is at least under great pressure from Huaweis to defend or regain market share through innovation. According to the latest patent applications Samsung seems to have two aces up its sleeve: a smartphone with a screen that completely covers the surface except for a small hole for the microphone and minimal edges on the outside - all sensors like a new ultrasonic fingerprint reader and the front camera are hidden under the display. However, Huawei has just implemented a similar feature in Huawei HONOR View20.

However, there remains another peculiarity, which is further elaborated in another patent application filed by Samsung with WIPO and USPTO: a true holographic display including a hologram reproducing apparatus and method thereof, which describes in detail how a 3D image can be projected into the air.


A relay lens on the front surface of the display comprises a series of microlenses and a spatial light modulator (SLM) including a filter. The light modulator ensures the correct reproduction of the hologram pattern and then projects it as a light beam from the display into the room. RED had already announced a holographic display for its Hydrogen One smartphone, but it turned out to be a rather ordinary lenticular 3D display.

Using RED&s H4V method, four different images can be displayed at different angles using an integrated lens. The effect, however, is far removed from a true holographic image, which offers infinitely variable 3D perspectives of an object that seems to float in space - the virtual example of this is the projection of Princess Leia in the original first part of Star Wars. Samsung&s patent, on the other hand, describes a process by means of which a real image that appears to be standing in space is made possible.

Some blogs speculate that the new features may already be integrated into the Galaxy S10, which will be released in February. How far the development of the individual new features has really progressed and whether it is ready for the market so quickly cannot be said reliably at the moment. The holographic display is a very big task from a technological point of view - it is not clear how Samsung can do without its own carrier medium (e.g. The Looking Glass).


Link more infos at bei www.freepatentsonline.com

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deutsche Version dieser Seite: Samsung entwickelt echtes holographisches Display für Smartphones

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