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Samsung opens world'amp;s largest micro-LED film set for 32K x 4K virtual productions

Samsung opens world'amp;s largest micro-LED film set for 32K x 4K virtual productions

[10:44 mon,6.June 2022   by ]    

Samsung has ceremoniously opened the virtual film set for South Korean film studio CJ ENM (known for Oscar winner "Parasite," among others) in Paju, Korea. The virtual production studio - the world&s largest, according to Samsung - uses Samsung&s micro-LED technology "The Wall" for the virtual background as well as networked cameras that are synchronized with the moving backgrounds to realize real-time camera movements through the virtual environment, for example. The technology, which will be available at
July 2021 announced partnership of the two major Korean companies Samsung and CJ ENM is also a showcase for the next generation of video production technology.

Samsung&s Micro-LED "The Wall"

The main display forms a semi-circular, 25.4-meter LED wall with a resolution of 30,720 (32K) x 4,320 (4K), a height of seven meters and a diameter of 20 meters, which provides a gapless dynamic background for film shoots. Depending on the requirements, the shape of this background can also be modified due to its modular structure. In addition, a Samsung IFR2.5 LED Display was installed on the ceiling. The setup is completed by an IFR 2.5 Plug Wall LED Display, which is installed opposite the Micro LED Wall and perfects the enclosure of the film set with displays, thus also enabling 360-degree video recording.

Samsung&s Micro LED Display "The Wall" offers numerous advantages due to the Micro LED technology used (each pixel is represented by an RGB pixel), such as extremely deep blacks, a wide viewing angle, support for HDR10+ as well as high brightness. Specifically for film productions, it supports dedicated refresh rates of 23.976, 29.97, and 59.94 Hz to ensure seamless synchronization of videos with the refresh rates most commonly used during shooting.

What is a virtual film set?

With the help of high-resolution LED displays, a film set can display either a live-rendered, virtual scene or a scene previously shot during an outdoor shoot, for example - such as a desert or mountain landscape - in the background. And it can be rendered in such high resolution that it can be filmed and at the same time also provide complex realistic lighting of the scene (including coherent reflections) including actors on set.

This shifts a lot of work from post-production to pre-production, since even at this stage 3D models of the scenes can be used to plan the shooting of individual scenes exactly and visualize them as they will later look in the film. During the shoot itself, the production designer, DoP and director can make basic aesthetic decisions quickly and try out new ideas right away, without having to wait for hours of renderings in post-production if something needs to be changed in the design of the (virtual) set.

When filming CGI scenes, the shoot becomes independent of outdoor conditions - so the magic hour can last a whole day, for example, the color mood can be changed at will, and there is no longer a threat of gray clouds for scenes for which bright blue skies are intended. Costs can also be saved: for many scenes, one camera is sufficient to capture images of "real" backgrounds, making a trip by the entire film team unnecessary. This real footage can also be combined with virtual objects.

In addition, a virtual set can be changed extremely quickly from scene to scene; rebuilding is hardly needed. Actors benefit because, unlike in front of green screens, they get a better feel for the environment in which they are playing through the backgrounds that are also visible to them. For the time being, however, the technology is still limited to productions with relatively high budgets due to its high price.

However, working with virtual film sets also creates special problems, such as moiré formation, which is caused by filming LED displays. Samsung claims to have already minimized this by changing the arrangement of the micro LEDs in the new "The Wall" modules.

Due to the high costs, professional virtual studios are reserved for large productions for the time being - but in order to make virtual film production possible for teams with smaller budgets, methods are being worked on is being developed to replace the large MicroLED walls with commercially available monitors, for example.

Bilder zur Newsmeldung:

Link more infos at bei news.samsung.com

deutsche Version dieser Seite: Samsung eröffnet weltweit größtes Micro-LED Filmset für virtuelle Produktionen mit 32K x 4K


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deutsche Version dieser Seite: Samsung eröffnet weltweit größtes Micro-LED Filmset für virtuelle Produktionen mit 32K x 4K

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