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Simon Says : Audio transcription via AI now available in Adobe Premiere Pro

Simon Says : Audio transcription via AI now available in Adobe Premiere Pro

[14:58 sun,18.April 2021   by ]    

AI transcription service Simon Says has unveiled a new extension for Adobe Premiere Pro that will help transcribe, translate and subtitle videos. The new features will be integrated into Premiere in the form of a workflow enhancement panel and will complement the text-based video editor Assemble, which launches in late 2020.

Simon Says AI Transcription in Adobe Premiere Pro.

The extension enables automatic transcription directly in Premiere, for example of interviews including translation of foreign language recordings (100 languages are supported). The result is transcription markers that are attached to clips. Similarly, subtitles for video sequences for international distribution can be easily created in multiple languages in a matter of minutes.


Using Assemble, the rough cut of interview-heavy films can be accomplished like a text edit. Instead of sifting through the material the old-fashioned way, it is transcribed when imported into Assemble, whereupon the original sounds of the clips are available in text form. Here, relevant passages can now be searched for, marked and arranged in a new "document" via copy & paste. This can be read or displayed as a video preview.

Once the content arrangement is complete, it can be exported at the push of a button and passed on to a video editing program via XML. There, the selected text snippets are found in their original form as video material on a TimelineTimeline im Glossar erklärt, including metadata, correctly with in and out points and in the appropriate order.

How does the transcription via Simon Says work?

The user selects the respective video sequence in Premiere, which is then transcoded via Adobe Media Encoder and uploaded to the Simon Says web service. The transcription is then done in a few minutes and the results are displayed in the extension in Premiere.

Simon Says AI transcription in Adobe Premiere Pro.

Simon Says AI Transcription features in Adobe Premiere Pro.

Simon Says transcription and translation features are suitable for audio and video content, and are especially handy for working with non-fictional material.

- Transcribe dailies and interviews and label sequences in minutes, complete with speaker identification
- Add industry jargon and names to increase transcription accuracy with custom dictionaries
- Work in a team: Invite other users to mark up the interview transcript or view an edit
- Add speaker names, make edits, and annotate via audio transcript interface
- In Assemble mode, text from the Soundbite transcript can be dragged and dropped into the desired order to structure the movie - in Premiere, the new sequence is then linked back to the source media
- Translation and subtitling of foreign language projects in over 100 languages
- Generation of CEA 608 and 708 compliant video subtitles and adjustment of the number of characters per line


While the Simon Says Premiere extension is free (as are the extensions for Blackmagic&s DaVinci Resolve or Apple&s Final Cut Pro X), the actual transcription service costs (new users get 15 minutes of free credit). Optional can pay per hour of transcribed material via Pay As You Go, or an annual subscription for per month for 24 hours of transcription per year or per month for 48 hours.

Adobe itself had already introduced Audio Transcription by AI in October last year and released it to selected users for testing - but Adobe has not yet announced when the function will be officially available.

Link more infos at bei exchange.adobe.com

deutsche Version dieser Seite: Simon Says: Audio-Transkription per KI jetzt auch in Adobe Premiere Pro


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deutsche Version dieser Seite: Simon Says: Audio-Transkription per KI jetzt auch in Adobe Premiere Pro

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