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Sony firmware updates 2021 - FX6, FX9 get 4Kp120 RAW out, XDCAM camcorder better HDR-workflows

Sony firmware updates 2021 - FX6, FX9 get 4Kp120 RAW out, XDCAM camcorder better HDR-workflows

[15:05 thu,22.April 2021   by ]    

Sony gives a preview of upcoming firmware updates for some current cameras. The two Cinema Line cameras FX6 and FX9 will be updated to v1.1 and v2.1 respectively in May and will then support 4K-120p-RAW output to an external recorder. This compatible recorder for recording comes from Atomos, as it so often does, and will be introduced to the Ninja V family first in early May.


The FX9 will then see a major firmware jump to version 3.0 in the fall, with new features such as anamorphic mode for 2x and 1.3x desqueeze and Cinemascope image lines in the viewfinder. S700PTP and a center-scan mode for Super 16mm lenses and B4 lenses with adapters are also planned.


But the Sony XDCAM camcorder lineup is also being updated. The PXW-Z750 4K shoulder camcorder, for example, is slated to get a longer cache recording time with a firmware update to version 3.0 scheduled for May 2021. A firmware update scheduled for the second half of the year will allow 120 FPS support in HD, as well as enhanced cloud capability for handheld camcorders - resulting in optimized remote operation and accelerated media relay.

For an improved HDR workflow, starting with the May update, SR Live metadata can be recorded in greater detail in a recording file not only with the Z750, but also with the Z450/X400 camcorders.In April 2021, the metadata-based part of the workflow will be improved with the introduction of SR Live MetaFile. This will allow users to manage SR Live metadata files exchanged between Sony's HDR production conversion unit, HDRC-4000, via USB or email, rather than relying solely on the SDISDI im Glossar erklärt link.

Then, in May of this year, Sony will offer SR-Live-3D LUT files that provide HDR/SDR conversion with the same image quality as Sony's conversion unit, HDRC-4000. By importing this SR Live 3D file, third-party converters that support 3D LUTs can also be used in Sony's SR Live for HDR workflow, adding flexibility to the system.

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deutsche Version dieser Seite: Sony Firmware-Updates 2021 - FX6, FX9 bekommen 4Kp120 RAW-Ausgabe, XDCAM-Camcorder besseren HDR-Workflow

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