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Sony introduces Alpha 9 (A9) - 24 MP Stacked Sensor with 6K Downsampling to 4K

Sony introduces Alpha 9 (A9) - 24 MP Stacked Sensor with 6K Downsampling to 4K

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With the Alpha 9, short A9, Sony opens a new flagship model range with (F) E-mount. The 24MP full format sensor is movably mounted and is the first stacked sensor with these dimensions. Stacked sensors have DRAM memory cells in a sensor interlayer and thus enable significantly faster sensor read-out times. Theoretically, a Rolling ShutterShutter im Glossar erklärt effect can actually be eliminated, but Sony uses this feature currently only for still images that can be shot without mechanical shutter. The latter also advertises Sony actively for Alpha 9: This is how RAW burst sequences with up to 20 fps can be written away (Up to 362 JPEGs or 241 RAW frames in full resolution). The 24-fps unrestricted RAW burst was not implemented. The autofocus shouldYet another time has been improved and now measures 60 times per second. PIC1: The Sony Alpha 9 (A9) The "high-resolution, high-luminance Quad-VGA OLED" viewfinder with 3.686K points is almost twice as high as typical top-notch models (about 2 million pixels). This can be addressed with 60 or 120 fps and is due to additional luminance pixels also significantly lighter than previous models. For recording, the camera is equipped with 2 SD-UHS slots, one of the slots also mastering UHS-II. For backup purposes, clips can also land on both maps at the same time. For studio environments the Ethernet port should be interesting, which makes images directly accessible via a network cable. Not only is a joystick available for operation,But also a fold-out touch screen, which can be used among other things for TouchFocus. PIC2 A new type of rechargeable battery is designed to increase the battery life of the A7 series more than twice. PIC3 In 4K, the Alpha 9 should be able to scale down the 6K resolution according to UHD-4K (3840 x 2160) at full sensor readout. At the same time a Super35-Crop-cut for 4K-Aufnhamen is ready. In FullHDFullHD im Glossar erklärt, slow-motion recordings with up to 120 fps should be possible. Data on the maximum data rates are still available, however, the typical 100 Mbps always appear in footnotes. The 4K recording seems to be still limited to 30 fps and 8 bits, but we still lack a data sheet for confirmation. As of May, the Alpha 9 will be delivered for 4500 dollars. u003cimg


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