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Sound Devices 833 Mixer-Recorder gets additional 4 channels via plugin

Sound Devices 833 Mixer-Recorder gets additional 4 channels via plugin

[12:39 Sat,18.December 2021   by ]    

Sound Devices has introduced +4 plugin for its portable professional mixer-recorder 833, which adds four full ISO channels/recording tracks to the 833. With the help of the plugin, the 833 thus becomes a mixer-recorder with 12 channels and 16 tracks.

Sound Devices 833

The additional channels provided by the +4 plugin can record any input source and be routed to the main mix bus, additional buses and any output. As with the original 8 channels, any effect can be applied, including Automix, NoiseAssist, CEDAR sdnx, EQ and compression.

The Sound Devices 833 is a lightweight and compact professional sound mixer and recorder. It features 6 low-noise mic/line preamps, 8 channels, 12 tracks, 6 analog outputs and a very accurate timecode generator. It has 2 SD card slots, an integrated dual L-mount battery charger, an internal 256 GB SSD, a dedicated fader and trim control, and PFL switches for audio channels 1-6 for direct manual control.


An integrated three-band EQ can be set to either pre- or post-fade for each channel, per Dugan Automixing can be used to automatically attenuate unused microphones in multi-microphone applications. Up to 8 channels can be automated simultaneously and two separate groups can be mixed simultaneously. For safety, the Sound Devices 833 can record to three media (SSD plus two SD cards) simultaneously.

The +4 plugin for the Sound Devices 833 is available now at a price of and requires both the SD-Remote app (iOS/Android) and firmware version 8.80 or higher to work. The latest firmware v8.80 adds several new features, including CL-16 support for the 833, Channel Copy for Scorpio channels 17-32, a new Power Source icon for SD-Remote, and a number of bug fixes.

Link more infos at bei store.sounddevices.com

deutsche Version dieser Seite: Sound Devices 833 Mixer-Rekorder erhält per Plugin weitere 4 Kanäle


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deutsche Version dieser Seite: Sound Devices 833 Mixer-Rekorder erhält per Plugin weitere 4 Kanäle

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