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Sundance Film Festival 2021: Online and in many places

Sundance Film Festival 2021: Online and in many places

[11:12 mon,7.December 2020   by ]    

The well-known Sundance Film Festival has found its own answer to the limitations caused by the Corona crisis - the festival, which runs for 7 days from January 28 to February 3, 2021, will be held both online and at various locations such as cinemas, drive-in cinemas and cultural centers in the USA, the latter including not only the films but also a tailor-made local program including lectures, events and artist meetings.

For film enthusiasts worldwide, the new concept has the advantage that the Sundance Festval can be enjoyed at home, at least in part via the Internet - as was the case at the Cannes and Venice Film Festivals. In this way, filmmakers as well as the audience can come together online to experience new works by the artists, get in touch with each other and participate in discussions. While all films in the program will be available online, not all of them will be available outside the United States. The New Frontier for XR and Emerging Media festival sections will be accessible worldwide, as will the full program of lectures and events.


During the 2021 festival, each of the over 70 feature films will be premiered online in a specific time slot, followed by a live question and answer session to maintain the character of the festival online. A special feature of the Sundance Film Festival is the New Frontier section, a showcase for dynamic, innovative work at the interface of film, art and technology. In 2021, 14 works will be presented, which for the first time ever will be accessible to audiences around the world via a virtual platform accessible via computer and VR headsets.

In view of the ongoing corona crisis and the consistently high number of cases, the Berlinale 2021 will probably not be able to take place as usual. Although the new management had planned a traditional festival on site, at least until recently, it will probably have to reschedule - and perhaps rely on a similar concept as the Sundance Festival, an at least partial relocation to the net will probably be unavoidable.

Link more infos at bei festival.sundance.org

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