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Tascam and Atomos: Wireless synchronization for Portacapture X8 audio recorder

Tascam and Atomos: Wireless synchronization for Portacapture X8 audio recorder

[09:12 sun,5.June 2022   by ]    

Tascam and Atomos have introduced Bluetooth synchronization for the www.slashcam.de/news/single/Tascam-Portacapture-X8--Tragbarer-8-Spur-Audioreco-16905.html portable audio recorder (Tascam Portacapture X8). Using the optional Tascam AK-BT1 Bluetooth dongle for the Portacapture X8 and the newly announced Atomos Connect devices, AtomX SYNC or Ultrasync Blue Timecode sync adapters, videographers can seamlessly and wirelessly sync the Portacapture X8&s 8-track recordings with a variety of video cameras, including DSLR and mirrorless models.


Atomos Ultrasync Blue

As a master timecode device, the Atomos Ultrasync Blue is an easy-to-use wireless timecode adapter that can synchronize any compatible camera and Portacapture X8/AK-BT1 via Atomos AirGlu connectivity using Bluetooth wireless transmission of up to 30 meters with up to six devices.

Atomos Ultrasync Blue

Atomos Ultrasync One

This setup can be expanded with the Atomos Ultrasync One, which can act as either a transmitter timecode server or a receiver client device. With the Ultrasync One as the master timecode source, a camera setup can receive a direct timecode feed, while the Ultrasync One wirelessly sends timecode to the Ultrasync Blue, which in turn can wirelessly feed the Tascam Portacapture X8/AK-BT1 and a variety of other devices.

Atomos Ultrasync One

Atomos AtomX Sync

For production environments that use either the Atomos SHOGUN CONNECT, the NINJA V or the NINJA V+ for on-set recording and monitoring, the Atomos AtomX Sync is another solution. The AtomX Sync mounts to the back of the NINJAV/V+ and connects multiple Atomos devices, cameras and audio recorders via long-range wireless technology. When synchronized with the Ultrasync One, for example, the AtomX Sync can also integrate the Tascam Portacapture X8/AK-BT1 and other devices into the synchronized system via Bluetooth wireless sync.

Atomos Ultrasync One

To enable wireless timecode synchronization via Bluetooth, the Portacapture X8 control app will be updated to include the tools required to use this new wireless synchronization feature. Other commercial apps will also be compatible, including Apogee Metarecorder, Mavis Pro Camera and MovieSlate 8 Logging. Here can download update for Tascam Portacapture X8.

Tascam Portacapture X8

Tascam has updated with the Portacapture X8

The Tascam Portacapture X8 is a portable 8-track (6+2) multi-audio recorder with two internal detachable microphones and four XLR/TRS inputs that targets applications such as portable multi-track recording, podcasting, music recording, voice recording for interviews and vlogs, and field recording.

It also features 192kHz/32-bit floating-point recording capability. The Portacapture X8 comes with two high-quality condenser microphones, each with a diameter of 14.6 mm. Since they are detachable, both microphones can be attached to the unit in both AB and XY arrangements for different recording scenarios.

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deutsche Version dieser Seite: Tascam und Atomos: Synchronisation per Funk für Audiorecorder Portacapture X8


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deutsche Version dieser Seite: Tascam und Atomos: Synchronisation per Funk für Audiorecorder Portacapture X8

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