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Tentacle Sync Track E audio decoder with timecode and 32-bit recording // IBC 2019

Tentacle Sync Track E audio decoder with timecode and 32-bit recording // IBC 2019

[11:33 thu,19.September 2019   by ]    

The Cologne-based dubbing specialists from Tentacle Sync, known for their timecode dubbing tool of the same name, presented the prototype of the new Track E audio decoder with timecode recording at the IBC.

Previously, Tentacle Sync solved the problem of synchronizing video recordings via video DSLRs with sound recorded via an audio recorder (or multicam setups) with its Tentacle Sync E box by providing a uniform timecode and synchronizing all devices with it or adding it to all recordings.

The new Tentacle Sync Track E can be used just like the Sync E as a pure time code sync box, but also functions as a self-sufficient audio recorder with time code. It records audio in high quality 32Bit floating point with large dynamic range on a microSD card and is controlled via Bluetooth via App (iOS/Android) and synchronized with other Tentacle Sync Boxes.

Tentacle Sync Track E

Once synchronized with a time code via cable or app, all Tentacle Sync devices run independently over a period of 24 hours with an offset of less than one frame and are thus independent from a constant radio connection for synchronization.

The Track E delivers plugin power up to 6V (a kind of phantom power on a semi-professional level) via its screwable 3.5m jack microphone input and can power some microphones. However, it has hardly any manual controls and no display and is therefore completely dependent on app control.

The Tentacle Track E is only slightly larger than the Sync E (so it&s quite small) and has an internal, non-replaceable battery, an input limiter and a high-pass filter. The recorded sound can be monitored via the headphone output.
A market launch is planned for March 2020 - Track E (including the Tentacle Sync Studio software for MacOS, with which hundreds of audio and video clips can be easily synchronized via drag & drop) will cost slightly more than Sync E (249 Euro). A bundle including a lavalier microphone is also planned. (Thanks to Pillepalle and Cantsin)

Bild zur Newsmeldung:

Link more infos at bei tentaclesync.com

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deutsche Version dieser Seite: Tentacle Sync Track E Audiorecoder mit Timecode und 32Bit-Aufnahme // IBC 2019

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