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Teradek Ranger Micro and Ranger II: Professional HD/4K video radios without latency

Teradek Ranger Micro and Ranger II: Professional HD/4K video radios without latency

[14:31 Mon,10.April 2023   by ]    

Teradek has unveiled a two new models for Ranger series of video radios, which use the relatively new 6 GHz spectrum (not approved in Germany until 2021): the compact Ranger Micro model and the Ranger II, which is the successor to the first Rangers launched in 2020. The outstanding feature of the Ranger series is that, according to Teradek, they are the only wireless video solution on the market that achieves near-zero latency (<1 ms) with visually lossless image quality, making them suitable for live productions.

Teradek Ranger Micro and Ranger II

Ranger Micro and Ranger II - common seams and differences

Both the Teradek Ranger Micro and Ranger II use the frequency band from 4.9 to 6.4 GHz (its predecessor only supported a maximum of 6 GHz), providing 12 total RF channels to avoid interference with other devices for interference-free transmission. In addition, the frequency of the signal can be adjusted in 5 MHz steps via granular frequency control.

Teradek Ranger Micro

Unlike other video radios that only transmit compressed H.264/H-265 video, the Ranger system works with AES-256 encrypted visual lossless HDR up to 4K resolution. Both models transmit 1080p60 10-bit HDR video via HDMI 2.0 or 12G-SDI as desired, and the Ranger II additionally up to 4K60, plus it has an input/output scaler. As usual with Teradek, there are once again variants with different ranges for each model - here 750, 2500, 5000 feet or 229, 726 and 1524 meters.

Teradek Ranger II

The form factor of the receivers of both models is identical, only the respective transmitters have a different size, which predestines them for different purposes: the Ranger Micro video radio is more suitable for compact prosumer cameras and the Ranger II for large cine or broadcast cameras. However, both models (as well as future products in the Ranger line) are compatible with each other and can thus be used together. The Teradek Ranger system has multicast capabilities, i.e. one transmitter can address up to 6 receivers simultaneously.


Setup is conveniently done using the Launchpad apps for iOS and Android): Transmitters and receivers can thus be paired at the touch of a button, channel interference monitored and operating frequencies set.

Teradek Launchpad App

What&s the difference between Teradek&s Ranger and the Bolt video range?

While both use the same zero-delay technology, Ranger offers a number of enhancements for live productions, including an extended frequency range from 4.9 GHz to 6.0 GHz; licensed band operation; H+V antennas that provide better image quality over longer ranges; N-type connectors on the Ranger TX; and finer manual frequency control.

Price and Availability

Pricing and availability are not yet known, but will likely be announced at the upcoming NAB show. There will probably be each version in the different range variants, as well as individually (receiver or transmitter) and with V-mount or Gold-mount. To estimate: the pre-model Ranger (I) costs in the HD version from about 9,200 euros in the set, the 4K version around 15,000 euros.

Link more infos at bei teradek.com

deutsche Version dieser Seite: Teradek Ranger Micro und Ranger II: Profi-HD/4K-Videofunkstrecken ohne Latenz


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deutsche Version dieser Seite: Teradek Ranger Micro und Ranger II: Profi-HD/4K-Videofunkstrecken ohne Latenz

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