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The First 100 Years: The Evolution of Car Chases in Film

The First 100 Years: The Evolution of Car Chases in Film

[15:14 sun,11.April 2021   by ]    

The clip from Insider clearly shows how much filming car chases has changed in the last 100 years. Again and again, new technologies opened up more possibilities for filming and opened up new perspectives.

For example, it was only with the compact Arriflex 35 2C that it was possible to replace the usual shots of moving cars by rear projection and cameras from a fixed position (often in the middle of a film set and not in "free" nature) with more dynamic shots by cameras riding in or on the car in real surroundings.

This new kinetic camera is nicely demonstrated in the 1968 thriller Bullit (1968) starring Steve McQueen, whose spectacular shots opened a new era of filming car chases. The images became much more immersive - especially on a big screen - because the viewer could follow the rides from the driver&s perspective and was thus drawn into the action.

Car chase via rear projection in the James Bond film "Dr No

A simple technique that has been used from the beginning is undercranking, i.e. recording at a lower frame rate such as 12 fps, which makes the recording and the car chase in the cinema look twice as fast and a lot faster when played back at the classic 24 fps.

A rather new technique on the other hand is the so called Biscuit Rig (named after the movie "Seabiscuit" where it was used for the first time), a vehicle together with some cameras on which the filmed car is mounted and so the driver can be recorded from different perspectives while driving in front of the real background without the actor having to drive himself.

Car chase via biscuit rig

However, filmmakers are facing new challenges with current films, such as restrictions in many cities that make filming realistic car chase scenes on location virtually impossible, to the increasingly intelligent on-board electronics of modern cars that classify cinematically spectacular maneuvers such as powerslides as a safety risk and make them impossible.

Link more infos at bei www.youtube.com

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deutsche Version dieser Seite: Die ersten 100 Jahre: Die Entwicklung von Autoverfolgungsjagden im Film

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