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The drone as an automatic camera man

The drone as an automatic camera man

[12:12 fri,11.August 2017   by ]    

Researchers from the ETH Zurich, together with the TU Delft and the MIT, have developed an algorithm which makes it possible to use drones as a kind of automatic camera man, which accompanies actors as well as by steady cam. It is also possible to define specific camera settings as well as complex crane and camera movements for a scene on the computer. The algorithm goes far beyond the previous automatic auto-camera functions (such as the follow-up mode or the orbiting of a moving object) of drones. Thus, in the case of dynamic scenes, the ETH algorithm also maintains the predefined image section, the relative position of the camera to the actor, and the recording angle during the recording. Emerging obstacles in the path are automatically selected - the object remainsAlways in the focus. When several drones are deployed, they are automatically mutually exclusive and ensure that there is no other drone in the picture. PIC1 In some scenes, the comedian&s crotch could become an interesting and just as simple as a cheap alternative to complex footage via Gimbal, Kamerakran, Dolly or Kameraseilbahn. However, the recordings should still function somewhat wackelfreier than in the demos. These are, however, only a first feasibility proof with cheap Bebop Parrot drones. The algorithm does not run on the drone itself, but on an external laptop, which is connected to the drone via radio and directional antenna. The algorithm thus replaces the pilots as well as the extra drones-Kameramann, which atComparable drone recordings so far were necessary and makes the recordings for the director much more predictable and exactly repeatable. The actors, however, must learn to get used to the disturbing sounds of the drone rotors. "But we do not want to replace the director or the comedown," said ETH researcher Naegeli. "Rather, our system is to expand the range of tools of filmmakers and allow previously impossible or only a lot of effort connected settings." Short version of the demo: VY = R_SSSSL4FBA More detailed demo: VY = te12_chaoOE u003cimg src=

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Link more infos at bei www.ethz.ch

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deutsche Version dieser Seite: Die Drohne als automatischer Kameramann

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