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This is what the AI-generated winning films of the Runway AI Film Festival look like

This is what the AI-generated winning films of the Runway AI Film Festival look like

[10:44 Mon,27.March 2023   by ]    

Runway ML, a service known for its online video editor with AI features, has just finished the world&s first AI film festival. The 10 winning films, selected from hundreds of entries, can now finally be seen online and give a good impression of the current possibilities of producing films with the help of AIs.


The winning clips show for which types of (short) films video AIs are currently particularly suitable (and for which they are not): special visual effects, which are, however, much easier to create than in the past - the image/video AI already takes over many tasks that previously had to be carried out awkwardly with a VFX program. This is ideal for experimental short films or music clips. Here, the shortcomings of the current technology, such as the slight inconsistencies from image to image, are not so noticeable or are part of the desired effect.


As development progresses, however, the technique will very soon be applicable to more "serious" films, because it is of better quality and can also be used for finer tasks such as editing individual objects or the background using only text commands, as an early demo of Runway already demonstrated in a teaser. Still Runway Gen 1/2 are still in a closed beta phase, for which you can apply, but similar features are also announced by other vendors, like not least Adobe.

Here are the winning movies:

"Generation" by Ricardo Fusetti (Grand Prix).

"Checkpoint" by Áron Filkey and Joss Fong (Gold).

"Given Again" by Jake Oleson (Silver)

"PLSTC" by Laen Sanches (Honoree)

"Landscape" by Kyle Goodrich (Merit)

"I Want 1000 Rabbits" by Shan He (Merit).

"AI ARTIST" by Jessey Nelson and Dani Barker (Merit).

"A Rocky - Shittin Me" by Dan Streit and Cole Kush (Merit).

"Expanded Childhood" by Sam Lawton (Merit).

Soon to be entirely AI-generated movies

However, development is moving so fast that in the time since the submission deadline, the technology has now jumped ahead again. For example, Runway has now announced a new video AI that can not only apply arbitrary style to given videos via sample image or text description, as is possible via Runways Gen 1 ( here nicely exemplified), but can also generate arbitrary videos via text description only - much as is known from image AIs such as Stable Diffusion or Midjourney.

Here&s the interesting panel discussion from the Runway AI Film Festival New York on the topic of AI-generated films with Paul Trillo, Souki Mehdaoui, Cleo Abram and Darren Aronofsky.

First AI Film Festival in Europe

The RAIN Film Fest (in collaboration with Runway ML) is also already announced as the first European festival for films produced with artificial intelligence (AI). Films can be submitted until April 7 - the winning films will then be presented in the run-up to the well-known Sónar+D 2023 festival on Wednesday, June 14, 2023, at the Poblenou campus of Pompeu Fabra University in Barcelona.

Link more infos at bei aiff.runwayml.com

deutsche Version dieser Seite: So sehen die per KI generierten Gewinnerfilme des Runway KI-Filmfestivals aus


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deutsche Version dieser Seite: So sehen die per KI generierten Gewinnerfilme des Runway KI-Filmfestivals aus

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