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Tilta Camera Cage and Filter Modules for the DJI Action 2 Camera

Tilta Camera Cage and Filter Modules for the DJI Action 2 Camera

[08:07 sun,31.October 2021   by ]    

Accessory manufacturer Tilta has introduced a fairly comprehensive range of accessories for the new DJI Action 2 action camera, including various cages as well as ND filters. The new Tilta Cages git it both in a longer variant, which accommodate space for the DJI Action and a module as well as a single alcage for the camera module only.


To mount the cage, Tilta has developed a spring-loaded SnapLock design, which - similar to the DJI Action 2&s magentic clips - should allow for quick assembly of the individual cage components.

And speaking of DJI magnetic clip mounting, since Tilta developed the cage system together with DJs, the www.slashcam.de/artikel/Test/DJI-Action-2-in-der-Video-Praxis--Die-modulare-Cyborg-Action-Kamera.html in our eyes very successful new mounting system of the DJI Action 2) is also supported.

Also integrated into the cage system are the USB-C charging and data transfer options of the DJI Action 2, as well as corresponding cutouts for optimal WIFI support.

The larger Tilta cage, which can also be used to mount a second DJI module to the Action 2, is also said to feature micro-jitter absorbing suspension.


Also of interest to many DJI Action 2 users should be the announced filter modules from Tilta for the DJs Action 2. These work magnetically, do not require the Tilta cage and are available as protective glass, polarizing, ND as well as Vario-ND filters.

Pricing and availability have not yet been communicated.

Link more infos at bei tilta.com

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deutsche Version dieser Seite: Tilta Kamera Cage und Filtermodule für die DJI Action 2 Kamera

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